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Timber Crane Mats: To Rent or Buy?

If your next construction project requires the use of a crane, you’ll definitely need to utilize crane mats. These heavy-duty mats are designed to stabilize the ground and give your equipment the support needed to complete the job. As you look at the prices of crane mats, it’s important to determine whether renting or buying […]


How to Rent Crane Mats

Crane mats are an essential part of any construction site. When using a heavy-duty crane, a timber or crane mat will help to provide stability over the ground while increasing the safety of the project. While crane mats are critical to the functionality of your crane, they can be expensive. When purchasing a mat outright […]

Construction Site

Reasons to Hire Professionals for Installing Composite Mats

Composite mats are heavy-duty platforms that can be an asset at many job sites, whether you need to bridge uneven terrain or create a work area where you can store gear and trucks. However, if you’re not used to working with them, they can also be unwieldy and end up wasting a lot of your valuable […]


The Different Types of Swamp and Timber Mats

Timber and swamp mats are a great way to prevent heavy machinery from destroying underlying vegetation. There’s a variety of mat types that are better suited for different uses and environments. Here are the basic differences between different swamp and timber mats that you need to know about. Hardwood Mats Timber mats are often called […]


The Advantages of Using Composite Interlocking Crane Mats

Crane mats are important tools for the construction process. They enable you to operate large cranes and other heavy machinery without disrupting the landscape, attempting to work on unstable ground, or causing a collapse. However, there are many options for you to choose from when you want crane mats for your construction site. Wood mats […]


Using Timber Mats for Temporary Roads

Timber mats are made to be durable, constructed 8 to 12 inches thick out of strong hardwoods and built to last. They’re typically 4 or 5 feet wide and can be constructed however long you need them to be. This makes them the perfect, customizable tool for project managers and overseers. They’re commonly used in a […]


Using Timber Mats for Temporary Site Access Roads

Using the right tools and machinery appropriate for your construction job is key to the success and longevity of the structure you build. However, there are additional tools that you need in order to run a successful project with minimally destructive results. One such product is timber mats, or compressed wood-based mats that are built […]


Different Types of Crane Mats

The most common type of construction mats today are crane (or timber) mats, which are hard, durable, and sturdy enough for most equipment. Standard mats are made from one or more types of hardwood, such as oak or Douglas fir. They generally use timbers that are either 8, 10, or 12 inches thick and are […]


The Use of Timber Mats for Construction Site Work

Access is key to the success of any construction project. Rig mats provide a platform that supports the weight of heavy construction or industrial equipment, like cranes and bulldozers. They are also used to provide structural roadways over unstable ground into and out of the site. Building sites present a wide array of challenges that […]


The Many Different Uses for Crane Mats

There are few tools used in the construction industry that are as essential as crane mats. Not only do they provide a stable platform for large equipment on-site, crane mats also provide safe and reliable access sites that lack infrastructure or roads. What may be surprising is the number of industries that depend on quality […]