Hardwood Mats

When it comes to protecting costly construction equipment on less-than-ideal project site locations, you need a solid, durable base for your cranes, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment. Spartan Mat rents and sells high-quality hardwood mats created from oak or a mixture of hardwoods. These mats are made to withstand massive, repetitive pressure from heavy equipment, and won’t break, bend or flex into the ground below.

Our hardwood mats are available in thicknesses ranging from 8 to 12 inches, with widths of either 4 or 5 feet. Crane mats are available in a wide variety of lengths from 16 feet to 40 feet. To provide additional durability, we end-coat all timber crane mats, bridge mats, and excavator mats to prevent rot and splitting due to heavy use.

We also offer mat installation on your job site, with scheduled pickup after you have completed the project. We will then sort, grade, and clean your mats properly to prepare them for transport. And, if you wish to sell them, we will buy them back from you, even if you didn’t purchase them from us.

Call Spartan Mat today, and let us help you plan your next project’s hardwood mat needs.