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5 Reasons Why Composite Mats Are Popular

When mats are needed for industrial work-sites, there is a growing preference for composite mats over wooden or metal mats. In fact, both workers and businesses owners are expressing a preference for composite mats. After considering the advantages, you’ll understand why. Here are 5 reasons to choose composite matting systems.

#1 Environmentally Sound

Mats are commonly used in gas and oilfield drilling operations to cover the surrounding terrain. Composite mats have proven to be highly effective in protecting environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands by creating an impenetrable barrier to the ground. Because composite materials can be customized to meet various needs, they work as superb access mats for areas that might be challenging to protect with timber or steel mats.

#2 Long-Lasting Durability

Unlike wood, composite mats do not rot or warp. Resistance to environmental elements significantly extends the life of composite matting systems over wood mats. Wood matshave also been known to become infested with insects, which shortens their service life and poses a risk for transporting invasive pests. There’s nothing for insects to eat with composite materials, so there’s less likelihood to give pests a ride to other sites.

#3 Lightweight and Easy to Handle

Composite mats are exceptionally lightweight compared to wooden or steel mats, which makes the job for workers much easier. Another disadvantage of wood is that it absorbs moisture, taking on even more weight. Composite materials won’t do that. Less stress on workers often adds up to greater efficiency and productivity. Due to their lightweight and compact nature, more composite mats can be placed on a truck as opposed to wooden or metal ones.

#4 Cost Reductions

Business owners like how composite mats can reduce operating costs, saving expenses that otherwise eat away at profit margins. They save money in several ways. First, durability reduces replacement costs. Secondly, ease of use lowers labor costs. Finally, lightweight construction reduces transportation costs.

#5 Worker Safety

Composite material provides good traction for both workers and equipment, reducing the chances of accidents. Wood and metal can become slippery when wet. The mats are also non-conductive, which is an important safety advantage over metal mats.

Better Mats for Industrial Applications

With all of the benefits of composite mats, there’s less reason to use wooden or metal mats anymore. From ease of use and environmental protection to cost savings, the reasons to rely on composite materials add up to a distinct advantage.