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Buying vs. Renting Access Mats: Which Is Better?

Construction workers are well aware that they face hazards every day, but that doesn’t mean you need to take any unnecessary risks. All worksites should have safety as a top priority, and icy, muddy, or uneven surfaces present an obvious peril for anyone in the area. Access matting is one way to compensate for such an environmental threat. Mats can create temporary roadways, which allow for easy travel and provides added safety for your local traffic. While no one can ever guarantee that an accident won’t happen, you can certainly use everything at your disposal to put the odds in your favor.

When it comes to your mats, you’ll likely consider renting versus owning. Which tends to be better is determined by a number of different factors, but many project managers and business owners ultimately decide that purchasing mats is preferable to renting them. However, you’ll have to make that decision for yourself.


For some people, renting just seems to be more convenient. Rental mats come in standard sizes and are rectangular in shape. While that doesn’t offer much variety, it’ll be adequate for many projects and there is a definite convenience to having the rental company handle delivery for you. You may find rentals to give you minimal hassle, and the upfront cost is certainly less than purchasing the mats outright. If you want the least fuss and low initial expense, renting definitely isn’t a bad choice.


A rectangle won’t always be the best shape for your needs, and rental mats are usually made of either nylon or polyester. You may find that wood access mats work better for your purposes or that a combination of different mattings are ideal for the dirt and debris that you have to handle. While owning may seem cost prohibitive at first, there are a number of leasing options, and you can probably get the pricing of your mats down to a more manageable level. There are aesthetic concerns to keep in mind.

Construction sites have to be able to handle everything from foot traffic to cranes. While composite mats from a rental company might work at one location, they may not be ideal for another. Rental mats tend to be standardized and without much variation. Every job has its own challenges, and you have to have the best tool for the job. Purchasing mats gives you options that renting simply can’t provide.