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Swamp construction

Different Environments Where Swamp Mats Are Used

Spartan Mats provide a safe and durable roadway in geographic areas which are too inundated by water to walk or drive safely. The engineering of these mats provide a strong base upon some difficult and sensitive terrain. Their versatility and strength make Spartan swamp mats a preferred option for many types of work crews who need worksite access across many types of vegetation and wildlife.


Wetlands host a wide variety of animal and plant life which can make work sites dangerous and difficult for long projects. Because of their congested plant life, it can be hard to plan construction around these distinctive and important ecosystems. Portable roadways help preserve indigenous wildlife and wetland areas such as marshes, swamps, and bogs, while allowing for continued infrastructure.

Tidal Areas

Because shorelines rarely have a constant tidal height, crane mats are a useful tool in creating artificial roads. Heavy machinery cannot reach crucial access points without great challenges. Spartan mats remove these obstacles and makes the road safe for construction crews.

Native Prairies

In ecologically diverse prairie land, the rare wildlife and plant species can be subject to damage by heavy machinery. Spartan mats can reduce impact on the planet by constructing a safe roadway alternative.


Northern regions of the world pose a unique challenge to construction because of the climate changes and soil composition. Muskeg is a bog environment, a wet environment which contains plant material and bacteria. Beneath this treacherous soil lies the permafrost––permanently frozen ground––leftover from the intense climate. Swamp mats can help construction crews navigate shifting areas of earth across the earth.


Construction can be difficult to accomplish in the dense, uncultivated jungle regions of the southern hemisphere. Spartan mats will create portable roadways which will not only aid in growth renewal but are cost-effective and temporary for job sites.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Many parts of the world contain agriculturally sensitive areas because of their landscape, wildlife, or historical value. Spartan mats provide stable and safe ground to follow regulations and protect wildlife.