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Different Uses of Ground Mats

There are many different uses of ground protection mats. They can help protect landscaping, lawns, and concrete. Outdoor flooring can support everything from heavy equipment to high-traffic events. The mats are used by homeowners, event organizers, landscapers, and more. Read on to learn more about a few of the countless uses of ground mats.

Protect sidewalks and driveways

Though these surfaces are strong, they can break down after heavy use, especially from large equipment. Mats can protect the concrete from scratches and structural damage.

Shield grass

Landscaping sometimes requires heavy equipment. To keep your lawn safe, especially when it’s wet, use a ground mat.

Short-term road

From construction to landscaping projects, temporary roads are essential in keeping the ground safe while transporting materials and equipment.

Event areas

At events where high foot traffic is expected, mats can guard the ground and offer a clean finish.


Swamp mats are useful in muddy and swampy areas where the ground is difficult to travel over.