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How Crane Mats Increase Ground Stability for Construction

There are many dangers to expensive equipment, property, vegetation, and people when doing construction on or around unstable ground or soil. Fortunately, crane mats significantly improve the stability of a construction site and minimize the possibility of damage to your equipment or work-site. If you’re looking at crane mats for sale, here are some things to think about so that you can maximize stability with a crane mat.

Mat Material

One reason crane mats increase stability is because of their makeup. These mats can be up to a foot thick and are made of durable hardwoods like oak or a mix of different hardwoods. This hardwood resists bowing or breaking under the intense weight of heavy machinery. In addition, the wood is often treated to help it withstand rotting and splitting even in the most adverse conditions. This is important because most construction sites with unstable soil tend to be in harsher conditions with a lot of moisture or ice.

Flat Surface

An uneven surface is very dangerous for a crane. Muddy, icy, or swampy terrain is especially dangerous because the crane can easily sink and lose balance, causing it to tip over. A mat can prevent this from happening by providing a flat, stable surface regardless of the type of terrain you’re dealing with. This not only protects your equipment and workers, it keeps the job running efficiently since you won’t spend as much time navigating and preventing an accident.

Other Benefits

In addition to safety, it’s important to consider the other benefits of mats as well. First of all, purchasing a mat is a great investment because you can take it with you to any job site. Mats are easily assembled and disassembled and easy to transport, so you won’t have to worry about what terrain you may face in the future since you’ll always have a mat to provide an even surface. In addition, the assembly options make it easy to have a pad for any project, no matter the size. Finally, you can help protect the environment as well by using a mat on all your construction sites. This is especially important for sensitive areas like wetlands and in areas where there are underlying pipes and utilities.