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How Industrial Mats Help Preserve the Environment

Innovation and progress shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment. Many times, though, plants, eco-systems, and soil pay the price for the placement of new buildings and projects. There are ways to get the job done without destroying nature. With the help of industrial mats, it’s easy to protect the earth while still completing construction projects. Industrial mats can be used in many different situations. From road construction to pipe installation, laying down a mat is the perfect way to protect expensive machinery while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Benefits of Matting

Using heavy machinery can crush plant life and destroy wetlands. By purchasing the right kind of industrial matting, it’s easy to preserve the environment surrounding the project. Before beginning a large-scale project, planks are laid with industrial matting placed over the top. This supports the weight of cranes, tractors, and other heavy equipment. In fact, crane mats are so strong that they can support 240,000 pound cranes. Usually, these platforms are made out of oak, ensuring that their composition is also organic. Once in place, they prevent sensitive plants from being destroyed by giving the heavy equipment a supported pathway to work on.

Without industrial mats, many machines wouldn’t be able to pass through swamps and wetlands. They would just end up in the mire. Instead, track machinery would have to be used in order to complete certain jobs. This means that the soil, organisms, and wildlife would be destroyed by tracks, trying to transport the necessary equipment to job sites. Bridge mats not only prevent expensive machines from sinking into wet soil, but they also save countless plants from being destroyed.

Industrial mats also prevent cross-contamination. Metals and steels can introduce deadly substances into the soil of a habitat. This threatens the delicate balance of the ecosystem. They can damage organisms, animals, soil, and insects. Over time, cross-contamination can lead to serious issues and extinction. For that reason, the use of industrial mats is important. Not only does it keep flora and fauna safe now, but it prevents serious issues in the future.

Where to Find Industrial Mats

Whether you are looking for crane, laminated, or composite mats, Spartan Mat has everything you need. For nearly 20 years, we’ve provided a wide variety of industrial mats to ensure that the environment is protected and that your equipment stays safe. To shop our extensive selection of industrial mats, visit