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How Timber Crane Mats Increase Ground Stability

Whether you are in the business of constructing homes, highways, or multi-story commercial towers, it is important to be prepared for the job at hand. As you probably know, failure to prepare can lead to serious accidents or injuries, and even legal troubles. As with all construction jobs, you have to consider safety from the ground up. Start by assessing the conditions of the ground on which you are constructing. This is where timber crane mats come in handy. These specialized and oversized mats are made to correct uneven, weak, sandy, or moist soil conditions that can lead to serious problems, including:

  • Sinking machinery
  • Uneven construction work
  • Large machinery losing balance
  • Damage to the surrounding environment

The US Department of Labor recommends the use of crane mats to prevent these problems. Here is how they work.

The Effectiveness of Crane Mats

First of all, crane mats for sale through online retailers are specially made to be completely flat and stable, creating a more level alternative to slanted or unstable earth. Like the concrete foundation of a building, a timber mat acts as a flat, solid surface for your cranes and other machinery.

Secondly, the mats are made of specialized timber that is strong enough to resist force. The mats are not plush or soft, as their name would suggest. They are built to hold up tremendous weight, not sink around the form applying weight to them.

Overall, they work by resisting compression and distributing weight, factors that allow them to handle the force of extremely large and heavy machinery, from tractors to giant cranes. As they resist this compression, the mats distribute force evenly across the ground to prevent sinking or caving in.

You can find high-quality timber crane mats online or at a retailer near you. Some retailers will even install the mats on the job site according to your specifications for total flexibility and security through the duration of your project. Investing in these specialized products is an investment in safety, planning, and a successful construction job overall. Your employees and your equipment will appreciate your commitment to planning for variables in outdoor construction, the most dangerous of which can be the ground you construct on.