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How to Rent Crane Mats

Crane mats are an essential part of any construction site. When using a heavy-duty crane, a timber or crane mat will help to provide stability over the ground while increasing the safety of the project. While crane mats are critical to the functionality of your crane, they can be expensive. When purchasing a mat outright isn’t an option, renting provides a viable option. To help you through the rental process, here’s what you need to know.

Determine the Mat Type

There are different types of crane mats available depending on the rental company you use. The size, style and weight capacity of these mats may vary. To ensure you rent the correct mat, identify the needs of your business and select the model accordingly.

Choose a Reputable Renter

Not all crane mat rental companies will provide the same terms and quality of product. When shopping for the best option, look into the reputation and customer service standards of prospective companies. Reviews from previous standards and the grade given by the Better Business Bureau will give you a good idea as to which companies are worth your time and which aren’t.

Compare Prices and Terms

While a crane mat is an important piece of equipment, the cost shouldn’t be astronomical. When deciding on which rental company to use for your timber mat, take a careful look at the prices and terms of the proposed lease. Get quotes from a few different companies and then compare the cost, quality, and inclusions before making a decision.

Repairs and Maintenance

No matter who you rent your mat from, they should provide maintenance and repairs. Because you don’t own the mat, a rental company should be responsible for any wear and tear that occurs during your lease. Pay attention to the details of the repairs and maintenance portion of your lease before signing anything to ensure you aren’t left holding the bill should an issue occur.

Choosing to rent a crane mat is a great way to build your credit, save money, and still get the equipment you need. No matter the type of mat you need, shop Spartan Mat’s extensive inventory. With various rental options, you’ll find the fit and financing that’s right for your company.