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The Advantages of Using Composite Interlocking Crane Mats

Crane mats are important tools for the construction process. They enable you to operate large cranes and other heavy machinery without disrupting the landscape, attempting to work on unstable ground, or causing a collapse. However, there are many options for you to choose from when you want crane mats for your construction site. Wood mats are inexpensive; steel frame mats are even more weight-resistant, but are bulky and harder transport.

There’s an alternative that you should try instead. Among all the varieties of crane mats for sale, composite interlocking mats are the premiere choice for all construction projects. Here’s why.


Composite interlocking mats allow for even weight distribution, which means that a crane will not sink, tilt, or otherwise react with soft soil and other environmental factors. This enables your team to focus on the construction job at hand rather than fearing for a potential crane collapse disaster. They’re durable to an extreme weight, so even if you’re using a crane to move multiple concrete or steel building materials, your crane will stay steady.


Composite mats are also easy to transport and assemble because they interlock on all four sides. They can be installed quickly on uneven terrain, on snow, on marshy and wet land, and much more. They’re thick enough to be reliable without being difficult to move. This means that you can set up and get to work quickly, without delays. This is incredibly important when you’re working on a rigid timetable.


The composite interlocking crane mat also has an anti-tread feature that is unique and powerful. Patterning on the surface of the mat provides incredible traction for vehicles and other equipment, and it also protects your workers from falls. The lips and pins of the mat overlap in such a way that there are no gaps or hills in the surface, meaning it’s safe for working and for trafficking over as well. Of all the crane mats for sale, composite interlocking crane mats are the superior option for any construction job.