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The Many Different Uses for Crane Mats

There are few tools used in the construction industry that are as essential as crane mats. Not only do they provide a stable platform for large equipment on-site, crane mats also provide safe and reliable access sites that lack infrastructure or roads. What may be surprising is the number of industries that depend on quality crane mats to complete construction, maintenance, and installation projects.

Logging and Forestry

The logging industry in the U.S. and Canada contributes billions of dollars to the national GDP of both countries. Accessing remote forest and approved logging areas can be challenging however, especially when the site conditions are less than ideal. Crane mats offer a cost-effective solution, not only as a way to meet safety and environmental requirements, but for quicker completion of a project, saving on personnel and other related operational costs.

Transmission and Distribution Utilities

Electrical power and transmission contractors perform maintenance, removal, and installation of power lines for national infrastructure across North America. Large, level work areas are required for a variety of environmental conditions and for heavy equipment such as drill rigs and cranes. Crane mats are used to bridge streams, creeks and waterways, to cross farmlands and open fields, and to provide access and stability to other difficult terrains. Crane mats help reduce project delays due to bad weather conditions, sensitive environmental locations and areas with an overall lack of access.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry are faced with a large number of environmental mandates regarding drilling practices. One of the areas of concern is disturbing the topsoil during drilling processes and construction, which can damage cultivated farming areas. By using crane mats in an environmentally strategic way, oil wells can be drilled without stripping precious top soil. Not only does this prevent the additional cost of reclamation for the oil exploration project, it cuts down on the amount of time required to complete it. And, it also allows crops to be planted sooner after the project is completed.

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