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The Use of Timber Mats for Construction Site Work

Access is key to the success of any construction project. Rig mats provide a platform that supports the weight of heavy construction or industrial equipment, like cranes and bulldozers. They are also used to provide structural roadways over unstable ground into and out of the site. Building sites present a wide array of challenges that crane mats can address, such as bridging streams and ditches or covering buried utilities and pipelines, as well as protecting environmentally sensitive areas.

Safer Work Site

Crane mats create safer work conditions. Uneven ground can prove to be hazardous for big equipment like cranes, causing them to tip over and injure workers and damage property. In muddy or swampy areas, timber crane mats allow you to keep cranes and other heavy equipment level and stable.

Increases Efficiency

Rig mats allow employees to work faster and more efficiently because both the workers and their equipment have a stable platform upon which to work and move around, and there is less damage to the ground underneath. That means less time is required for clean-up after the project is completed, which also cuts back on man hours.

Weather Issues

Weather can create big problems on construction sites, especially in the event of rain or other inclement conditions. Timber mats prevent dozers, cranes, and other equipment from getting stuck in the mud or severely damaging the ground underneath. These mats are generally around 12 inches thick and are available in lengths ranging from 4 to 40 feet long. They are constructed of oak or a combination of hardwoods, so they hold up to whatever climate you’re working in.

Professional Rig Mat Service

Choose a provider who can deliver the rig mats and timber crane mats you need, when you need them. Reputable companies ship anywhere on the North American continent, provide rentals as well as purchases, and offer a buy-back service once you’ve completed your project. For more information about the wide selection of rig mats, portable roadways, and other products we offer, visit our website.