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Construction site

Things to Consider When Buying Construction Mats

Construction is a complex and demanding industry. While it can sometimes be tempting to cut corners to save a buck or two, all too often it ends up not being worth the risk or the effort. Typically, investing in quality equipment and materials will be more than worthwhile, since often turn they turn out to pay for themselves many times over in the long run. That’s just as true with construction mats as with anything else.  You can continue reading below for things to consider when purchasing construction mats for your project, and hopefully, you’ll be happy with how your construction equipment can sit and operate.

Before You Call

Before you start calling suppliers, it’s a good idea to know what you need, so you know what questions to ask. What kind of heavy machinery will you be using? What sort of transportation and other equipment will you be handling? Will you be working in swamp or prairie areas? You may be able to save some money by renting mats or purchasing used mats, but you also have to consider the demands and duration of the work. You may be happier with new mats instead. 

When You Call

Look into local suppliers and see where they’re sourced. The distance can help indicate how much exposure the mats may encounter before they actually arrive on site. You can also ask for recommendations. Oak mats and other hardwood mats are very durable, so they tend to be perfect for more demanding and longer lasting jobs. You could also consider laminated or composite mats. Asking about where the timber is sourced and how it’s harvested can also give you an idea regarding the environmental impact. If that’s an important consideration for you, it’s certainly worth asking about. Specifically, oak and other hardwood mats are superb choices for mud, sand, marshlands, and ice or snow. As a general rule, the less accommodating the work area, the more you’ll want to choose hardier and more rugged materials for your construction matters, whether those are specifically crane mats, rig mats, or for any of your other heavy machinery and construction equipment. After all, it’s always a good idea to be certain about the protection that you’re providing.