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Timber Crane Mats: To Rent or Buy?

If your next construction project requires the use of a crane, you’ll definitely need to utilize crane mats. These heavy-duty mats are designed to stabilize the ground and give your equipment the support needed to complete the job. As you look at the prices of crane mats, it’s important to determine whether renting or buying a timber mat is a better choice for your business. Consider these points before determining how you’ll acquire your mat.

Benefits of Buying

Depending on the scope of your projects, you may utilize cranes regularly. If this is the case, you’ll also frequently need a crane mat. While you could pay monthly to rent these important pieces of equipment, buying allows you to save money. You can pay for the mat upfront without having to worry about interest rates or additional fees. By choosing to purchase instead of rent your crane mat, you also have the option to sell when needed. If you realize that you don’t need a specific mat anymore or if you’re looking to upgrade, you can sell your mat and immediately put that cash into your pocket. Renters don’t have this luxury. They don’t own the mats that they rent and are bound by the terms of their lease.

Benefits of Renting

Buying a crane mat outright may not be the best option. Some companies may not have the resources to pay for timber mat outright, or the constant need of it. If you’re only using a crane for a few projects a year, a rental may be the best way to go. You won’t have to pay a large sum up front and you’ll be able to boost your credit score. If you’re a young business, boosting your credit could be exactly what you need to be able to qualify for future loans. Plus, by choosing to rent your crane mat, you have access to repairs and maintenance.

When using cranes, timber crane mats are a necessity. Renting or purchasing a crane mat depends completely on the needs and financial standing of the company. Decide carefully which option is right for you. Then, allow Spartan Mat to find perfect product for you.