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Using Timber Mats for Temporary Site Access Roads

Using the right tools and machinery appropriate for your construction job is key to the success and longevity of the structure you build. However, there are additional tools that you need in order to run a successful project with minimally destructive results. One such product is timber mats, or compressed wood-based mats that are built to withstand the weight of heavy construction machinery, including cranes. They can also be used for temporary site access roads. These are the practical applications and benefits of using these mats for your project:

  • Timber mats create a stable base on uneven terrain, which is essential for driving heavy trucks, bulldozers, and other machinery onto a construction site.
  • Heavy rain or other environmental factors can make construction sites unstable or unsafe. Mats create a solid and temporary road access to prevent sinking or tipping over.
  • These temporary roads made of mats will also communicate entry and exit points to construction crew and contractors. A clear path of traffic will prevent interruptions, accidents, or entry into dangerous points on the construction site.
  • Crane mats can also protect the environment. Delicate agriculture and other aspects of the environment can be disrupted during a large-scale construction project, but the use of timber crane mats can help protect sensitive surroundings.
  • Driving without the use of mats can create soil compaction, erosion, or destruction. This will be especially cumbersome for attempting to landscape design in these areas after construction is complete. The use of mats as temporary access roads is a great form of soil protection.
  • Best of all, site access roads made of timber mats are completely temporary. These mats are light enough to be removed once construction is complete. At this point, there will be little to no sign that the path was ever used as a roadway.

If you want to learn more about using timber mats as access roads for your construction project, contact a manufacturer or dealer of mats so that you can have a successful, safe, and minimally destructive project.