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What Are the Dangers Involved in Handling Timber Mats?

Crane mats are an essential part of the construction and any industry that involves heavy equipment. Companies use them to keep the ground stable for the big machinery to work well, and to keep the workplace safe. Due to their massiveness, cranes and heavy equipment are prone to get stuck and turnover due to soft, wet, or uneven ground surface. Here are possible dangers in handling timber mats for rent.

Lower Quality Wood

One of the problems that many crane companies deal with is the ever-changing quality of timber. Gone were the days when you can source long and pure hardwood timbers for crane mat makers. Nowadays, timber mats companies have to make do with hardwood that is not as durable as they were around 20 or so years ago, which poses a significant risk for crane operators as well as the environment around them.

Bigger Equipment

Another issue with safety is obscenely massive sizes of machines. With decreasing timber quality, mats can’t handle overwhelmingly big equipment. While it’s understandable that bigger machines can accomplish more, safety should always be a top priority.

No Set of Standards Governing Timber Mats

Timber mats are essential because if they fail, there could be casualties. However, you won’t find a set of rules that govern mat manufacturers or rentals. Companies continuously make their mats using whatever hardwood is available in the market. These companies must be strict with the quality of the materials that they are using because customers use their products for safety.

There Are No Stiff Regulations and Penalties for Faulty Mats

The used timber mats for sale industry enjoys soft rules governing mats that keep the workplace unsafe. Additionally, accountability is an issue because who do you run after when the timber mat fails, and it’s not due to operator or worker error? Ideally, a proper governing body must inspect the quality of timber mats for long-term use and that they must adequately survive heavy use.

Three components are needed to ensure the safety of workers in the timber mat industry: the timber quality, a clear set of standards for manufacturers, and stiff penalties for sellers of used timber mats for sale. With these in place, risks will unquestionably decline, and companies will prioritize workers’ safety.