Crane mats, portable roadways, and more!

Spartan Mat has provided construction mats for every condition and need across the USA and Canada for almost 20 years. No matter what weather or ground conditions you have to work in, Spartan Mat offers the quality mats and skids you need with the excellent customer service and reliable delivery you deserve.

We supply mats for any project size, including:

  • installing pipelines above or below ground
  • drilling oil and gas
  • constructing and repairing utilities, highways, and other infrastructure
  • logging
  • mining
  • nuclear plant work

Not sure which mat you need?

Our experts will ensure you get the right options for supporting cranes, protecting sites from chemical spills, and working in any terrain from sand and surf to rugged mountains or permafrost. For temporary roads, pipeline camps, and protecting sensitive environments from damage beneath the heaviest of construction equipment, Spartan Mat has the solutions.

Crane & Bridge Mats

At Spartan Mat, we construct and carry crane mats for sale or rent. The density of our end-treated hardwood mats enables them to resist extreme pressure from heavy equipment and track equipment as well as adverse weather and unstable ground conditions.We offer a variety of widths, thicknesses, and lengths.

Our crane and bridge mats can do with the following:

  • create a solid, secure base for supporting cranes
  • allow easy movement of heavy construction equipment
  • efficient solution for temporary stream crossings
  • prevent water from interfering with construction activities
  • protect the environment from drilling, constructing pipelines, and more
  • allows easy access to your work site

Want to learn more about our crane and bridge mats? Contact us today or request a free quote!

Access Mats & Temporary Roads

Spartan Mat carries excellent access mats for use in temporary roads and portable roadways. We recommend our laminated mats or composite mats for building temporary roads over all kinds of unstable or sensitive terrain.

Why you should use laminated and composite mats for your roadway projects:

  • Light. Our mats can be easily transported from one location to another.
  • Cost-Effective. You don’t have to worry about getting more costly equipment.
  • Improved Traction. Composite mats offer improved traction in adverse conditions such as wet weather and mud.
  • Provides Access. Portable roadways can be laid down where you need them without having to grade. With our mats you’ll have easy access to hard-to-reach work sites.
  • Easily Remove Your Trace. When the work is done, the ground protection from these mats will make removing traces of your work site easier.

Pipeline Mats & Skids

Our oak mats, swamp mats, and composite mats are excellent choices for protecting the ground, equipment, and workers while building pipelines. They help keep you on schedule, ensuring the work site stays accessible through harsh weather and across all kinds of terrain. We also offer pipeline skids, wood and composite, in any size needed to support your project.

In addition to our superior selection of mats for purchase or rent, we will sort, grade, clean, and buy back your mats when the job is finished. Need more mats? Consult our monthly mat inventory list, emailed to you as a free service, for mats available nearby.

Timber Mats

The buoyancy of your business depends on your costly construction materials staying intact. That’s why you need a solid, durable foundation to operate your equipment on when you’re dealing with uneven terrain. For projects that require unyielding support, we offer new timber mats for sale, used timber mats for sale, and timber mats for rent.

Why opt for timber mat rental or purchase?

  • Durable Foundation. Our timber mats are built to withstand long-term repeated pressure from heavy equipment without faltering or breaking.
  • Promotes Durability. All mats are sealed with an end coat to prevent rot.
  • Variable. Our timber mats come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, including 8- to 12-inch thickness, 4- to 5-foot width, and 16- to 40-foot length.

Whatever kind of timber mat you require to complete your project, you can find it with us. Contact us today for a free quote by phone or email.

Rig Mats

Our hardwood and steel rig mats and our composite mats are built support the largest, heaviest construction equipment at job sites from offshore to tundra.

Below are just some of the benefits of using rig mats:

  • perfect for tank sites, drilling rigs, and other sites.
  • easy clean up (unlike surfaces such as gravel)
  • available in larger sizes so you can create large, stable work foundations

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Whatever your industry and wherever your job site, Spartan Mat is your solution for top-quality new or used rig, pipeline, and crane mats for sale or rent. We save you money by shipping your order from a location close to your project, by truck or rail. Call us today for a quote at 503-550-8761.

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