Construction Matting Purchases & Construction Mat Buy Back

Spartan Mat has provided construction matting products for every condition and need across the USA and Canada for almost 20 years. No matter the weather or ground conditions you have to work in, we offer the quality mats and skids you need as well as the excellent customer service and reliable delivery you deserve.

Our experts will ensure you get the right construction matting options for supporting cranes, protecting personnel and equipment, and working in any terrain from sand and surf to rugged mountains and permafrost. For temporary roads, pipeline camps, and protecting sensitive environments from damage beneath the heaviest of construction equipment, Spartan Mat has the solution.

Types of Construction Matting Products

Spartan Mat serves the following industries:

  • Pipeline & Underground
  • Transmission & Distribution Utilities
  • Drilling & Oilfield
  • Highway & Infrastructure
  • Logging & Forestry
  • Mining & Metals
  • And More!

Crane Mats & Bridge Mats

The density of our hardwood crane mats and bridge mats enables them to resist extreme pressure from heavy equipment and creates more stable ground conditions on which to work. 

Crane mats and bridge mats:

  • Create a solid, secure base for supporting cranes and other equipment
  • Allow for easy access to work sites 
  • Are an efficient solution for temporary stream crossings
  • Prevent water from interfering with construction activities
  • Protect the environment from damage 

Access Mats & Temporary Roads

Spartan Mat recommends our laminated mats or composite mats for accessing sites and building temporary roads over all sorts of unstable or sensitive terrain. 

Laminated and composite access mats and roads:

  • Are lightweight and can be easily transported from one location to another
  • Are cost-effective, since more can fit onto the bed of a truck, reducing freight loads
  • Improve traction over adverse conditions such as sand and mud
  • Provide access to hard-to-reach work sites without having to grade
  • Can be easily removed with the ground intact and without a trace
  • Can be used over and over again for years to come

Access Mats & Pipeline Skids

We have both hardwood and composite pipeline mats and pipeline skids so you can protect your equipment, your workers, and the environment while building pipelines either above or below ground. The mats help you stay on schedule, even through harsh weather and difficult terrain. The skids come in many different sizes and allow you to crib, elevate, and rack the pipes with ease.

Rig Mats & Oilfield Timber Mats

If you need support for the largest, heaviest construction equipment at job sites such as offshore or on tundra, hardwood and steel rig mats and oilfield timber mats are just what you want to get. These mats are available in large sizes for creating stable foundations and they offer easy cleanup, unlike gravel surfaces.

Timber Mats

For projects that require a solid, durable foundation with unyielding support, timber mats are built to withstand long-term repeated pressure from heavy equipment without faltering or breaking. They are sealed with an end coat to prevent rot, and come in a variety of sizes. 

Purchases, Rentals, and Construction Mat Buy Back

Whatever your industry and wherever your job site, Spartan Mat is your solution for top-quality new or used construction matting. We save you money by shipping your order from one of our 89+ locations nearest to you.

In addition to our superior selection of new and used mats for sale or for rent, we also provide construction mat buy back. We will sort, grade, clean, and purchase your mats when the job is finished. It doesn’t get any easier than that! 

Contact Spartan Mat today to subscribe to our monthly mat inventory list (which shows the mats that are available near you), to request a free quote, or to speak to one of our experts!