Advance Mat™: High-Performance Composite Rig Mats

Advance Mat™ is a high-performance, interlocking composite rig mat system. The innovative joint system overlaps and interlocks to distribute weight evenly and to prevent tire damage and worker injury. Designed to function well in any type of environment, the mat composite contains additives that address thermal expansion, resist UV damage, and are anti-static. The mat stands up to any weather, is easily cleaned, and is impact resistant.

It is also the best price per square foot for ALL large composite rig mats on the market!

Features of Advance Mat™

Advance Mat™ composite products boast the following features:

  • The largest usable area on the market when two mat sections are connected. It’s big enough for many on-site uses, including being placed underneath heavy equipment.
  • Around twice the usable square feet per truckload when interlocked (6,799 sq ft, or 96 connected mats) than other competing products. Which grants massive freight savings over the life of the mats.
  • Stainless steel mat hardware that is strong and resists corrosion. Also, the hardware locking pin (bolt) is inexpensive to replace if it’s lost.
  • Multi-directional grip with one side featuring an aggressive tread for vehicles and the other side featuring a slip-resistant tread for workers.

Performance Data for Advance Mat™

Additional important performance data for Advance Mat:

  • Mat Size: 128”x87”x2.5” before being interlocked and 10.16’(L)x7.25’(W)x2.5”(D) after being interlocked.
  • Mat Weight: 420 lbs each, 840 lbs interlocked.
  • Weight Loading Capacity: <850 psi (the best on the market).
  • Puncture Resistance: >5,100 psi (the best on the market).
  • Flammability Resistance: UL-94 HB.

Rent or Buy Advance Mat™ from Spartan Mat

Whether you work on frozen tundra, shifting sand, or soggy soil, Advance Mat composite rig mats are a great solution for your cranes, trucks, and other heavy equipment. 

Contact Spartan Mat today to rent or buy construction mats from a location near you!