Spartan Mat’s most popular program is our construction mat buyback system. At the time of purchase, Spartan will offer a pre-determined buy back price on those same mats (based on usability).

Since Spartan is constantly moving mats, we act as a mat funneling point through which many, many customers come to sell and buy their mats. Why not take advantage of our capability? It relieves your company of cleaning, storage and preservation responsibility. We are paying you as we lighten your load.

How Does Construction Mat Buyback Help Contractors?

Through improper storage or from long periods of no use, sadly, many contractors let their mats rot and go to waste. Don’t let this happen to your mats!

At Spartan Mat, our creative BuyBack program allows projects to eventually cash out of their matting assets. Owners and managers won’t have to worry whether the company will land another job that requires mats before the mats’ life expires.

While you are not obligated to sell mats back to Spartan, rest assured that we want those mats back! We offer the buy back on all types of mats from wood mats, oak mats, bridge mats, composite mats, dura base mats, mega deck mats, and many others. You get financial compensation, and we rid you of what can become a burden.

Why Use a Construction Mat Buyback Program?

  • Reduce job costs
  • Hand responsibility for cleaning to Spartan Mat
  • Eliminate storage costs
  • Eliminate responsibility for maintaining mats between jobs
  • Eliminate overhead between jobs
  • Never allow mats to rot or go to waste
  • Enjoy financial freedom to pick different mats for each job

Email for more details or call 503-550-8761

What Types of Mats are Eligible for the Buy Back Program?

Hardwood Mats

Wooden construction mats are the originals. An oldie-but-a-goodie, these mats offer protection, strength, and durability. Our hardwood mats have treated ends and available steel reinforcement.

Composite Mats

The newer kid in town, composite mats have been around long enough to prove their worth and then some. Easy to wash, composite mats are environmentally friendly because they won’t cross-contaminate job sites. Spartan Mat offers several types of mats that go above and beyond. We also buy DURA-BASE® mats for rental or resale.


Overlap, interlock composite mats are made from an advanced plastic formula. Benefits include highest PSI ratings, excellent weight-to-strength ratio, and three-point bending. In a patented 7-step process, Spartan Composites manufactures these mats using high-quality virgin resins.

STRUXURE® Composite

Heavy duty composite makes an excellent road for heavy duty equipment. Whether it’s for an access road or site protection, Struxure® composite construction mats can handle the job. Keeping it green, these are engineered using Spartan Mat’s patented Recycled Structural Composite formula. Ideal for wet or harsh environments, the mats won’t warp because they cannot absorb moisture. Cost-effective, they are strong, durable, consistent and reliable.

Strong Mat®

Strong Mat® grants stable, heavy-duty access over uneven, unstable, wet, or environmentally sensitive areas. The mat material is formulated to provide better traction and stability under heavy equipment.

MegaDeck Mat®

MegaDeck mats are made with an interlocking panel system. It’s easy to install even if you are dealing with muddy, wet or loose terrain. Setup is faster than with wooden mats, and the easy locking connections keep these mats in place.

Scout Mat™ / SpartaLite®

These composite mats offer excellent traction. This makes them especially effective on very soft, muddy surfaces. By reducing sideways movement and dispeling mud, the surface is as kind to equipment as it is to the environment.

Advance Mat™

To create high-performance composite rig mats, Advance Mat™ has an interlocking joint system that ensures that weight is distributed evenly. This helps reduce tire damage and improves safety for drivers and their loads. The high-tech formula makes them impact resistant and anti-static. The material resists thermal expansion or UV damage. It is also the best price per square foot for ALL large composite rig mats on the market!

When it comes to construction mat BuyBack, you can count on Spartan Mats to watch your bottom line like our mats protect your jobsites. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with construction mat sales, rentals, and buyback.