Mat Rentals

We at Spartan Mat can appreciate how tight budgets can be on construction projects. Construction mats are necessary in many instances but can be very expensive when purchased outright. This is why we have set up our rental programs to help you keep your project within your budget.


Types of Rentals

Spartan Mat offers mat rentals of almost every kind, including:

  • Bridge mats
  • Laminated mats
  • Oak mats
  • Composite mats
  • Reinforced steel rig mats
  • Crane mat rentals

Our mats are comprised of the highest quality materials, be it the timber, steel, or composite. We also have new and used options of every type of construction mat rentals for you to choose from.

Whatever your project may be, Spartan Mat can help.


There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to the cost of our mat rentals, such as:

  • The type of construction mat
  • The ground conditions of your work site
  • Type of equipment being used on the mats
  • Duration of the rental

Duration also plays a huge role in our mat rental pricing. Depending on how long you’ll be using the mat, it could be less expensive to rent, or it may be better to simply buy the mats that you need and then sell them back once you are finished with your project.

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When it comes to construction mats, Spartan Mat is a world leader. Visit any one of our many locations and see the quality of our mat rentals and service for yourself!

If you need help determining which mat is a good fit for your project or would like to rent our mats, contact one of our professionals via our website or by calling 888-959-6287.