STRONG MAT® – One of the World’s Strongest Composite Mats

Strong Mat® provides a very tough, field-proven and protective surface mat that has been engineered for performance and strength. These construction mats can be used for any application that requires:

  • The stabilization of heavy equipment
  • Access over challenging ground
  • Environmental protection 

Strong Mat® is the lightest heavy-duty composite mat on the market. It provides a uniform, safe, cost-effective, all-weather surface for use in any industry. They will last for years even under the most challenging workloads. 

Uses and applications for these mats are:

  • Access roadways, bypasses, passing lanes, and turnouts
  • Lease pads and work platforms
  • Buoyant bridging platform
  • Storage

Features of Mats from STRONG MAT®

  • Strong Mat® is a very good composite mat to consider whenever you are working on site. Here are some special features of one of the world’s strongest composite mats:
    • Their interlocking design distributes weight across a large surface area, rendering great stability even when supporting heavy loads.
    • The tread pattern improves traction for workers and load-bearing vehicles. 
    • They are resilient through any environmental and weather conditions, including temperatures as low as -34°F and as high as 120°F. 
    • They boast a very high puncture and PSI rating. 
    • They are comprised of a high-density polyethylene exterior and a patented solid interior-filled HDPE closed-cell foam, making them not only strong, but 100% recyclable.
    • They don’t absorb any contaminants into their structure and can be washed easily.
    • Their sizes (4”x7’ – 6”x14.25’ and 4” thick) allow 52 mats per truck which offers great savings on freight. 

    Additionally, these self-aligning mats allow for easy guidance and the patented bolt connection assembly is designed to be strong, flush, and self-cleaning. Its modular floating system can be installed onsite in a variety of configurations, making it adaptable to both layout requirements and site conditions. They can even be used in conjunction with an HDPE liner to create a secondary containment system.

Purchase or Rent Construction Mats from Spartan Mat

For gaining access over uneven, unstable, wet, or an environmentally sensitive area, or for providing better traction and stability under heavy equipment, Strong Mat® is the answer.

Whether you’re in the market for composite mats, laminated mats, or hardwood mats, Spartan Mat has all the construction mat products you could ever need. We have both brand new mats and used mats in excellent condition for sale or rent. Whatever your situation or budget, we’ve got you covered.

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