SYSTEM7(™): Interlocking Composite Mat System

Spartan Mat is the proud manufacturer of SYSTEM7 (™), the best interlocking composite mat system in the world. This is partly due to our manufacturing process which is extremely dynamic and 100% engineered for maximum results.

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SYSTEM7 (™) Customizations

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. We are the only composite manufacturer that can customize your interlocking SYSTEM7 (™)  composite crane mat system in the following ways:

  • Size: Choose between the size for trucking in North America (4.25”x8’x14’) or the size for ease of containerizing for overseas shipping (4.25”x7’-6”x14’).
  • Flexibility: Keep the overlapping and underlapping flanges/edges at the industry standard width of 12”  or choose only 6” wide which prevents wear and tear and less broken corners/flanges.
  • Location of locking connector pin holes: Change pin hole location, or leave as is to allow the mats to interlock seamlessly with other construction mats on the market or already in your fleet!
  • Additives and Inhibitors: Tailor the formula of UV protection, anti-static, elastomers, and the actual types of plastic itself to meet your needs, such as when battling severe cold temperatures and conditions. Our master plastics chemical engineer employees can recommend the perfect fit for your needs

Advantages of SYSTEM7 (™) Composite Crane Mats

SYSTEM7 (™) composite crane mats have many distinct advantages. They are the most versatile and advanced composite mat system due to our unique composite recipe that gives them the highest wear and tear value in the industry, proven in the field for over 15 years. Significantly improved on other mat systems, Spartan Mat uses plastic formulas high above the standards pertaining to rigidity, pin systems, psi, compression, three-point bending, and variableness in flange sizes.

Additionally, expect to save massively on freight costs since 54 of our SYSTEM7™ mats fit per truck (35% more mats per truck = 35% savings on freight costs).

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With over 89 production and stocking locations across the USA and Canada, Spartan Mat can cut your costs by shipping your composite crane mats from the yard closest to your work site. We also provide installation, removal, rentals, and buyback programs.

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