Advance Mat®

High performance composite interlocking mat called Advance Mat®. They are the best price per square foot for ALL large composite mats on the market.We get 6,799 of usable square feet per truckload (after they are interlocked) of Advance Mat®. That’s almost more than twice as many as other competitors, which is massive freight savings over the life of the mat! When two sections are connected together on site to make the mats 10.16′ (L) x 13.94′ (W) x 2.5″ (D), in normal black or beige colors. We get 48 mats per truck or 96 mats per truck before you connect each section. The hardware locking pins is just an easy and simple stainless steel bolt, so the bolt cost is virtually nothing to replace and means no expensive locking pins to buy or replace. Any hardware on the mat, which is very minimal, is all stainless steel.


• Design incorporates a dual profile surface with one side being a pedestrian and roadway surface with the other side being a more-high-traction surface for all wheeled and tracked vehicles.
• Design incorporates the two-sided connection flange allowing the mats to be connected two different ways. Two mats connected together create a usable square footage surface size of 141.66 sq’.
• Useable platform surface size of two mats connected together is 10.16′ (L) x 13.94′ (W) x 2.5″ (D), and 840 lbs total.
• Manufacturing production capability of roughly 28,000 mats per year.
• Ability to encase an RFID chip inside each mat for tracking and inventory control.
• New Stainless Steel Connector designed to reduce cost, minimize the number connector parts, parts stay with the mats reducing the risk of lost connector parts, single stainless steel bolt for simplified connecting, ease of installation/connecting alignment from new designed “Floating Nut Plate” connector. Mats can be manufactured in any color you’d like.


Advance Mat® each mat weighs 420 lbs before they are interlocked (128”x87”x2.5” before interlocked). The usable area, once mats are connected together, is 10.16′ (L) x 13.94′ (W) x 2.5″ (D), and is 840 lbs total (the largest on the market). Puncture resistance > 5,100 PSI (the best on the market). Weight loading capacity, < 850 psi (the best on the market). Flammability Resistance: UL-94 HB. Advance Mat® comes in black or beige or custom colors.

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