composite mega deck mats on a drill site

Buy Back

Spartan Mat’s most popular program is to buy a new or used mat from Spartan. At time of purchase, Spartan will offer a pre-determined buy back price on those same mats (based on usability). This creative program allows projects to eventually cash out of their matting assets and not worry whether your company will land another job that requires mats before your mats’ life expires. Through improper storage or from long periods of no use, sadly, many projects let their mats rot and go to waste. Don’t let this happen to your mats!

Since Spartan is constantly moving mats, we act as a mat funneling point through which many, many customers come to sell and buy their mats. While you are not obligated to sell mats back to Spartan; we want those mats back! We offer the buy back on all types of mats from wood mats, oak mats, bridge mats, composite mats, dura base mats, mega deck mats, and many others.

Email for more details or call 503-550-8761