Dura Base Mats

Spartan Mat offers good used “DURA-BASE ® composite mat system for rental or for purchase Dura Base Mat DURA-BASE ® mats are a patented composite mat that has a unique interlocking connection system and allows a heavy duty working platform for temporary job sites and also access roads.

The DURA-BASE ® mat system Dura Base Mats reduces costs, stabilizes loads, and protects any environmentally sensitive area from spills and lessons environmental foot-printing. Each mat weighs approximately 1050 lbs and is 4.25” thick x 8′ x 14′. Most DURA-BASE ® mats are only available for purchase as used DURA-BASE ® mats.

The DURA-BASE ® mats are made from HDPE composites and do not rot and will last as long as you take care of them. Contact Spartan Mat today for pricing and availability of these amazing access mats. We also offer a similar mat to DURA-BASE ® called www.MegaDeckMat.com or www.MegaDeckRigMat.com and is nearly 90% identical except in size at 4.25″x7′-6″x14′