Portable Roadways

Whether your project needs portable roadways and temporary roads to allow construction crews access to a construction site, or you’re seeking a durable support base for cranes or other equipment, Spartan Mat offers a variety of products to meet your needs. Our portable roadway mats allow for site access without grading or other time-consuming ground preparations, and they work well in normal as well as soft terrains. For those areas where the ground is unstable, we recommend our laminated or composite mats for increased traction in adverse weather or muddy soil conditions.

We also sell and rent both steel and hardwood rig mats in a variety of sizes to accommodate heavier construction equipment. These mats provide a stable and solid base for your equipment, protecting it from damage and enhancing worker safety.

If you are seeking a base for large cranes, consider our crane mats, which also work well for other types of equipment and allow for easy movement of heavy project equipment. For temporary stream crossings, we recommend our timber mats for use as bridge mats. They not only provide safe access for workers and equipment, these mats protect the water source as well.