STRONG MAT® provides an extremely strong and tough, field proven and protective surface that can be used for any application that requires access in special environments, stabilization for heavy equipment or simple ground protection. They are engineered for performance and strength. The STRONG MAT® with their interlocking design distributes weight across a large surface area while reaming stable and strong through any environment and weather conditions. They also boast the best warranty in the business at 1 year! STRONG MAT® is 4″x7’-6”x14.25’ and at 52 mats per truck, they provide the biggest freight savings over all other large composite mats. They also boast the highest puncture and PSI rating! Perhaps the best part of the STRONG MAT® is they have a patented solid filled HDPE closed cell foam for the interior of the mat, which means the STRONG MAT® does not get heavier over time like all other interlocking composite mats do. This also helps prevent the mat from swelling and contracting when water trapped inside other mats freezes and expands and ruins or crack mats from the inside out. STRONG MAT® is the best mat on the market, bar none.

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