Used Mats

Spartan believes buying used mats is like buying a used car! However, like new and used cars, all new and used mats are not alike! We offer used bridge mats, used oak mats, used laminated mats, used composite mats, used mega deck mats, used dura base mats and used pipeline mats and used skids.

Spartan keeps a digital record of almost all the used hardwood mats we offer and a history of when the mat was sold new or used and where that mat has been, what equipment has been on it, and what type of ground conditions it went into.

Spartan has the knowledge and expertise to help you get the right used or new mats for your project. We also welcome customer pick up the mats so you can inspect the mats yourself first hand. That’s the Spartan way!

Email for more details or call 503-550-8761