Besides just selling new and used mats, Spartan also buys your used mats off your project whether we sold them into your site or not. Spartan offers a monthly mat inventory list via email that keeps you up to date on new and used mat availability in your local area. To be added to this service, simply email Spartan your email and phone to Add as many of your co-workers to the list as you’d like.

Thousands of Spartan’s customer’s and potential customers receive this valuable monthly email at no charge!

Spartan offers installation and pick up of your mats on location. We can send people in to load with our equipment or you can load with your equipment and we will only send the trucks.
Spartan can sort and grade through your mats to determine usability and grades and quality of the mats coming off your project to ensure shipping only usable mats.

Spartan provides mat washing & cleaning services to allow intrastate or USA/Canadian border crossing transport.

Email for more details or call 503-550-8761