Swamp Mats

Creating an access route for heavy equipment and large trucks can be challenging, especially in soft terrain, harsh weather conditions, or unlevel ground. Swamp mats offer access to land areas saturated with water, such as bogs, marshes, coastal areas, and wetlands, or in seasonal areas with heavy vegetation growth or a variety of weather patterns. These durable, high-quality portable swamp mats also protect the ground environment, and make cleanup duties easier after the project is completed.

Whether it’s a pipeline project or a bridge construction, our swamp mats, oak mats, and timber mats allow you to stay on schedule by creating reliable and safe access for workers and equipment in a variety of weather patterns and ground conditions. Our mats are available for purchase or for rent, in a variety of sizes, and we can ship your order to a location convenient to your project site by truck or rail.

After your project is completed, Spartan Mat will sort, grade, and clean the mats and then buy them back if you choose that option. We will also email you an inventory list to help you plan for upcoming projects. Call today for a free quote.