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Our SYSTEM 7® does the biggest jobs, handling big rigs, and the toughest conditions.  SCOUT MAT® is the super-strong, lightweight mat for many uses.  We also sell new STRUXURE® composite crane mats, wood mats, CLT mats, and laminated mats. 

To match the needs of more contractors, we offer used mats, rental mats, and a buyback plan.  Please note we routinely stock used DURA-BASE®  and MEGADECK® heavy duty mats and can supply the quantity you need if this is your preference. 

If you don’t know exactly which ground protection product suits your project best, or if you are unsure how much square footage you require, don’t stress the details.  Leave it up to the experts with 80+ years of experience to help you out. We’ve earned our customers’ respect with our high-quality products and prompt service.

Spartan Mat believes in providing the best mats, whether it’s CLT, laminated, timber, or one of our outstanding composite choices.
If your goal is to cut corners without jeopardizing your work, buying used is a good option. You can get what you want from our large selection of composite and hardwoods…LEARN MORE
When you know you don’t want the mats after this job, it’s easy to rent. We supply you with the types of mats that you need in the quantities that suit your site requirements…LEARN MORE
When you’re done, you may not need all of your mats. That’s why we offer a convenient buyback program. It gives you more budget flexibility and a rebate at the end of a job well done…LEARN MORE

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