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Perhaps your budget is extra tight. Yet you know you can’t do without mats when your work needs access to a site that is hard to reach, or if you are trying to place heavy equipment on top of uneven, unstable, or wet terrain. The job can’t get done without construction mats. That’s when Spartan used mats for sale may be the answer to your budget needs.

Just like shopping for a used car, not all used mats for sale are a good idea or a good deal. You shouldn’t spend money and still worry that the access mats won’t get the job done. At Spartan, we deal in quality not just quantity. Our reputation depends on how well we serve our customers. Before you buy used road mats, consult with us for a better product at the right price.

Or, perhaps you can afford regular access mats, but you want the best. You can save money on used composite mats, such as  SYSTEM7™, Scout Mat™ , Mega-Deck™, Durabase®, STRUXURE®, and others. You get the best at a lower price by buying used.

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Also Known As

  • Construction Mat
  • Crane Mat
  • Digging Mat
  • Access Mat

Common Applications


SYSTEM7™ composite mats offer better strength-to-weight ratios, the best traction, and a superior guard against dangerous spills.


Best Investment / More Projects
Superior Strength / Durability
Excellent Compression Values
Lightweight / Thinner
Lower Transport Costs
Blocks Spills for Safer Clean up


Hardwood mats are still the most affordable choice. They offer good protection and ample strength for your big equipment and tough jobs.


Lower Cost For Single Project
Most Affordable Alternative
High-Strength Build
Serious Load-Bearing Density
Treated Lumber/
Real Durability

Getting the Best Used Mats for the Job

The best used mats for sale are at Spartan.

Why? Because we know what makes a better mat. We hold our used mats to high standards. We won’t sell you something that won’t go the distance. Before you buy used mats from another construction company or a rival mat business, you need to find out about quality guarantees. Spartan Mat has the high-quality used mat options that you are looking for at a great price.

Quality Assured

To ensure the quality of our used mats for sale, we check each one to make sure it can still stand up to heavy use. We won’t sell you something that isn’t in good shape.

Clean and Ready

Our used mats have been cleaned up and are ready to go. We understand that it is important to decontaminate them before they are sent to a new jobsite.

Documented History

In many cases, Spartan Mat keeps a digital record and can offer you a full history of each mat. The documented history includes when sold, where used, what equipment was on it, and what type of ground conditions it encountered.

Big Selection

We have rental and buyback programs that allow us to stock a lot of used mats. This includes MegaDeck™, Durabase® and other rival composites as well as Struxure®, System7™, and Scout Mat™. Our used mats include regular hardwood, steel-reinforced, CLT, and laminated varieties.

At any given time, we have every type and size of used mat you could want. We have extra-thick crane mats, pipeline mats, portable roadway mats, and more. Used hardwood mats, CLT and laminated mats may be available in the quantity you need.

Even better, used composite mats provide unbeatable ground protection. We have our own SYSTEM7™ and Scout Mat™, but we also offer Struxure®, MegaDeck™, DuraBase®, and other composite mats. At used mat prices, you’ll save on overhead and still get what you need underfoot.

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