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Composite Mats

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Like you, we want your people safe, and your equipment rolling. That’s why the variety of our timber, laminated, and composite mats allow us to cater the right mat to nearly every application.

Don’t let investing in the right product stress you out. Our matting specialists will help identify what makes the most sense for your project and budget. For a long-term approach, consider our System7™, Scout Mat™, and other high quality composite construction mats that will never rot, come with guaranteed engineering values, and pay back huge dividends for years to come.

Construction Mats Protect Equipment, Employees, the Environment and Your Bottom Line.

Spartan Mat has spent two decades developing an industry reputation for supplying premium quality construction mats of all kinds. Spartan Composites manufactures SYSTEM7™️ and SCOUT MAT™️. We pride ourselves on the best prices available in the marketplace. You can be sure that all of our strong and durable mats are ideal for a wide range of uses in varying industries and applications.

Our manufacturing engineers are well aware of the three e’s: equipment, employees, environment. Every mat we make is created with site safety and productivity in mind. We want your trucks rolling, your machinery humming, your people safe, and your deadlines met. Customer satisfaction is our top priority in production, sales and service.


Wherever you are in North America, we’re nearby. Our products can be there on time so you can be on time. With over 90 locations, we’re closer than you think! Our customers often expect same day and next day delivery. You can expect the same. Let Spartan handle the logistics, so you can handle your job. We’ll get you the mats you need, where you need them, when you need them.


Our composite mats are engineered with durability and capability that defy their much lighter weight. Less weight equates to easier handling and reduced freight costs, but lighter doesn’t mean inferior performance. Composite mats are impervious to microorganisms and will never rot, and come with enough guaranteed engineering data to satisfy the most thorough engineer. Our Research & Development team is constantly testing our products and finding ways to make safer, sturdier mats.


Whether wooden or composite, our mats are designed to withstand heavy use. Take confidence in construction mats that can handle cranes, bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, fully-loaded tractor-trailers and even critical million pound lifts. We offer the toughest mats for your toughest jobs.


With so many mat choices, Spartan can help identify the right mat that works for your budget, without compromising safety and effectiveness. Our popular buyback and rental plans offer alternative ways to enjoy the highest quality construction mats without worrying about what to do with the mats when your project is over.

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expect same-day or next-day delivery more often than not!

Spartan Mat has over 89 locations and is growing. Wherever you are, Spartan is ready to quickly get the rig mats you need, to where you need them—fast.

Special project coming up? Partner with Spartan in advance to stage rig mats close by so they’re ready when you are.

The Right Mat

Spartan Mat is the partner you can trust!

Before You Start

Let the Spartan team help you with whatever stage you are in your process. We can help you plan how many mats you’ll need. Unsure of what mat is the perfect fit? Need matting that provides specific engineering criteria, such as psi, shear, deflection, etc? Give Spartan a chance to help tailor fit the right matting solution for the job. Wanting to rent or purchase? Spartan specialists can provide the answers you need.

During the Project

New to mats or need extra help? Invite a matting specialist to your jobsite. We can help coach how to properly install overlapping and interlocking composite mats, timber mats, air bridges and more. Spartan can help solve your new problems as they arrive, providing advice about which mats can handle your challenges, and then quickly delivering the solution.

After the Dust Settles

When things are winding down, managers may need to move on to another site. We can help. With our rental or buyback program, you won't have to worry about what to do with the mats. Let Spartan handle the logistics so your team can move on to the next project. When you’re ready for pricing or matting again, we’ll be there to help.

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