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For over 20 years, Spartan Mat has produced the best construction mats available. Our customers include crane/erection companies, pipeline and overhead line contractors, heavy civil construction, remediation, environmental contractors and more.  We work in industries from infrastructure and highway construction, to electric transmission and pipelines, to oil and gas drilling to mining and wind/solar energy, and everything in between. Whether you need to access a job site within environmentally sensitive areas, improve access through uneven, unstable, or wet terrain, or need to provide better traction and stability for heavy equipment with portable roadways, we have the mats for you.

With the right mat, you can keep the work going, even in areas with unstable weather, a harsh climate, or difficult soil types and conditions. Strong, durable mats protect the ground, including fragile wetlands and groomed turf, while also protecting workers and enabling you to move and support equipment safely and easily. Access mats and temporary roads keep the job site accessible and minimize downtime. The right mats can also reduce clean-up and repairs to the environment when the job is finished.

We Produce/Supply Timber Mats/Composite Mats/Steel Mats

Spartan Mat carries a wide variety of mats, from custom crane mats and bridge mats, to rig mat, laminated truck mats, to the mighty and never rotting composite STRUXURE ® SR crane mat.  We offer best composite mats and engineered composite crane mats on the market such as:




We also cut and stock pipeline skids, including composite skids  and outrigger pads with lifetime warranties!  Whether you’re looking for timber mats, swamp mats, laminated mats, or hardwood mats, Spartan Mat has what you need, ready to ship today.

Convenient Delivery in the USA and Canada

At Spartan Mat, we operate from more than 89 locations across the USA and Canada but heavily stock in the USA. We ship your mat order from the closest location to your project we can, thus cutting your shipping costs.   If you would rather pick up your order, we can accommodate you at our sawmills and load out yards.

We Do More than Buying and Selling Mats

We offer additional services for our valuable customers, including sorting and grading your mats when your project is finished and mat cleaning prior to transport. We can install and pick up mats at your job site. We also provide existing and future customers with an emailed monthly mat inventory list, keeping you informed on mat availability close to your work site.

Spartan Mat, a 91 million dollar annual matting producer and supplier-and growing!


Strong Lasting Mats and more, It’s the Spartan Way-to make and supply the best products, to take extra steps to ensure strength and durability in every mat and skid, and do it all in a timely manner.  Spartan Mat produces and supplies strong, long-lasting construction mats, oak mats, composite mats, and steel mats to locations and job sites all over. With over 89 production and stocking locations, we are closer to you than you think!


As the owner of Spartan Mat, LLC, I am personally involved in every sales call from start, to finish of delivery. I ensure it’s done right so that you, like all our customers, continue to come back again and again.   We invite you to choose Spartan Mat for your new or used matting needs.   Rent our mats or take advantage of our purchase with buy-back service and sell us your used mats when your job is done.  Whatever matting needs you have, Spartan Mat does it all.  Call, text, or email us today for a quote at 503-550-8761 or Justin@SpartanMat.com


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