Heavy Duty Construction Needs Heavy Duty Construction Mats

Spartan Mat is the company that can meet all of your heavy duty construction mat needs. We carry Timber,CLT, Laminate, and Composite Mats.

Regardless of the job at hand, construction work requires reliable access. A stable surface is needed to keep your equipment and trucks moving over dirt, mud, sand, or uneven terrain. The right mat keeps the dust down, prevents mud from doing its worst, and allows free movement of people, materials, and equipment.

In urban areas, the right mats can be key to maintaining a strict aesthetic. Whether far from society or right in the heart of it, you may find yourself in unstable areas with harsh climates or other difficult conditions. You need high quality construction mats to deal with the problem, whether it’s bogs, desert sand, ditches, or other obstacles. In some cases, mats are helpful in meeting state or federal regulations, such as those imposed by the labor department or EPA.

Equipment and processes keep changing, and we know how to change with the times. Lightweight, thinner materials, such as our composites mats, are reducing overhead for businesses by cutting transportation costs and providing long-term options with mats that never rot.

When you think CONSTRUCTION MATS, think SPARTAN!

Our Construction Mats Include:

mat construction

PROTECT Your People

PROTECT Your Timeline

PROTECT Your Assets

PROTECT The Environment


With 89 locations across the United States and Canada, Spartan Mat can get the mats to you quickly. Ask about pick up availability from a convenient location near you. Our most popular mats are our interlocking composite mats such as SYSTEM 7® and our heavy duty STRUXURE® composite crane mats. We also offer MEGADECK® and DURA-BASE® as used mats or rentals.

You can purchase composite, hardwood, laminated and CLT construction mats from Spartan Mat. These are not only protection for your work today, but also an investment for your next project down the line. If you aren’t sure how many you need or which types you need, our experts can help.

Perhaps you don’t want to purchase new mats. We’ve got a large inventory of used mats that can meet your needs. The composites we offer as new products may be available as used mats. We definitely suggest having a talk with our staff to arrange for the exact type of mats you want.

Mat Rentals are another strategy for getting the mats you need. This relieves you of the need to store or transport them. We can deliver them and take them away when you are done.

The Spartan Mat Buyback system is a popular way to invest in construction mats while having the option to sell back what you don’t want or need. This keeps your long-term costs down and provides essentially a rebate on the mats you need to protect your equipment, employees, and the environment.  Let our mats lay the foundation. You have enough to worry about with client demands, labor requirements, and environmental concerns.

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