The Right Portable Roadway Tames the Terrain

Work crews need road mats often. Their heavy equipment and trucks may need access through fields and unforgiving terrain. Mud, sand or boggy conditions may slow down progress or grind your project to a standstill. At Spartan Mat, we know what type and size mats your equipment needs for a high quality portable roadway. You can count on our wooden and composite mat inventory to provide the temporary site access you need.

Our portable road mats allow for site access with a minimum of grading or other time-consuming ground preparations, and they work well in normal as well as soft terrains. For those areas where the ground is unstable, we recommend our composite mats for increased traction in adverse weather or muddy soil conditions.

Road Mat Names and Applications

Temporary Road
Portable Roadway
Access Mat
Composite Mat 

Highway & Infrastructure
Heavy Civil
Drilling & Oil Field


Choosing the Right Road Mat for Your Access Road

Not sure which product is best for your job?

Don’t worry.

We know the pros and cons of each product and which situations it suits best. Our staff of matting experts has a combined 80 years of work in the industry. We’ve been in the field, and we’ve seen many different situations where temporary roads are needed. We’ve been in the factory, choosing better materials and ensuring quality control.

Each product we sell has been manufactured for quality and durability. The composites made by our partner Spartan Composites have been formulated to last longer. They are lighter than traditional wooden road mats, and this means you can get more square footage on one truck. Our many locations across the country help us get the mats to you quickly. Whether you need an access road for a large urban construction site or a temporary road to reach a work site, you’ll find what you need at Spartan Mat.

What terrain does your team need to tame? Spartan Mat has all the choices you could want and the durability you deserve. Check out our selection of matting products or get in touch now to discuss which Road Mat Option is best for you:

SYSTEM7™ Composite Road Mats
Scout Mat™Light Duty Access Mats
CLT Road Mats
Laminated Road Mats
Wooden Access Mats 

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