How Construction Protection Mats Offer Superior Ground Protection

Benefits of Using Ground Protection

Ground protection mats, specifically those used during construction, are an invaluable addition on many different types of job sites. These extremely heavy duty mats come in a variety of dimensions and materials (wood, laminate, composite), and some even have an interlocking design for added stability under the most massive equipment.

Here’s a rundown of different types of job sites, why they may require ground protection, and which mat to choose for getting the work done.

Wet and Muddy Sites

The bane of many construction Project Managers is a site that is constantly afflicted by water. Mud isn’t only messy, but makes work difficult and slow. This can mean both delays and dangerous working conditions.

When the safety of workers or the maneuverability of heavy machinery is at stake, ground protection mats will solve these hazardous and costly issues. For wet and muddy sites, you’ll probably want lightweight, easy-to-clean composite mats. Whether working in wetlands or during the wet season, the performance of composite mats will exceed your expectations.

Benefits of composite mats:

  • Keep workers and equipment clean and dry
  • Prevent rutting and tipping
  • Bridge streams
  • Wipe down easily

Dry and Sandy Sites

Sites that have a lot of shifting, blowing sand can also wreak havoc on workers and equipment, as driving and working on soft sediment is taxing and slow.

Construction protection mats are a great solution for granular soils because they reduce the chances of sand getting in everything and make the site a much easier location to work. For dry and sandy sites, you may want to use hardwood mats.

Benefits of hardwood mats:

  • Won’t break, bend, or flex under even the heaviest loads
  • Minimize blowing sand
  • Prevent sinking and having to dig out the back wheels

Environmentally Sensitive Sites

Some sites are located in environmentally sensitive areas such as permafrost, coastal shores, etc. The weight of heavy equipment can do a lot of damage to these grounds, potentially costing you a lot of money, your reputation, and possibly even your licensing.
Fortunately, composite, hardwood, or laminate mats can be an affordable ground protection answer for this sort of situation.

Benefits if ground mats:

  • Create access roads and turnouts
  • Prevent chemical spills
  • Are environmentally inert
  • Leave no trace

Get More Information about Construction Protection Mats

If you need turf protection, temporary roadways, or a stable work surface, then construction mats are your best bet. Not only do they work extremely well in all sorts of environments and situations, but they are cost-effective as well. These lightweight mats fit more per truck, meaning you save a lot of money in freight costs. They’re also very long-lasting and can be used over and over again for many years to come.

If you aren’t sure which type of mat to get or how much square footage you need, our experts are ready to lend a hand. Our team at Spartan Mat has over 80 combined years of mat experience, so you can count on us. Contact Spartan Mat today!

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