Scout Mat vs Duradeck Light Duty Mats

Scout Mats vs Duradeck Mats: What’s the Difference?

Scout Mat and Duradeck mats are made by different companies. Therefore, there are differences in the composite formula, the standard color, and some other elements. If you are trying to choose the right light duty access mat for your business, here’s what you need to know. 

sm1Why Do Contractors Choose Light Duty Access Mats?

There aren’t many light duty access mats with the ability to handle big loads. The Scout Mat and its Dura deck mat rival are unique in the marketplace where heavier matting systems are the norm.

The Scout Mat was specifically created to be a less expensive way to get premium ground coverage. This is why small businesses and other contractors look to this product as their go-to matting. It is a very lightweight system that can do many jobs that heavy duty mats might be asked to do.

These mats may be used in an effort to protect the ground or turf underneath. They may be chosen simply to provide safe access on poor terrain. Typical jobs range from providing pedestrian walkways to creating temporary roads and work platforms.

The Importance of Interlocking Matting Systems

The Scout Mat is an interlocking matting system, easily matching or exceeding the Duradeck mat system.  This is another reason that contractors choose to go with the Spartan Composites light duty choice.

For short term use, the ability to lock them in place may not be a big deal breaker. Scout Mat is a favorite with landscapers, tree services, and others who may pick them up and move them every work day. This gives workers an advantage on mud and uneven surfaces, helping them get the job done while your business enjoys the ultimate grass and turf protection.

With the ability to lock in place, the Scout Mat becomes a better access road than individual mats. Drivers can feel more secure whether they are in a big truck or in tracked equipment.

Construction contractors use them to ensure that their trucks and heavy equipment can move safely over uneven terrain.  Other contractors use them to ensure a semi-permanent safe pathway for pedestrians, keeping an area open to the public that might have been closed for safety reasons.

Due to its close association with manufacturer Spartan Composites, there is a special discount when purchasing the Scout Mat in quantities of 30 from Spartan Mat. Please call us to get details on this great deal.

sm3Color Considerations

The Scout Mat is offered in a light tan color that’s easy on the eyes. You can see it from a long distance, helping drivers looking for the access road. The light color won’t absorb heat, which means it stays cooler on hot sunny days. That quality is important to contractors who must consider every aspect of their interaction with the public, not to mention their responsibility to employees.

Less heat has been shown to decrease the likelihood of killing turf underneath the matting. This is especially important in hot climates. It’s important, too, if the mats will stay in place for months.

Scout Mat offers other colors, including black. However, it’s nice to know you won’t have to pay extra or wait longer to get the more desirable tan mat. If you are considering Duradeck mats for sale, make sure to compare the price of their tan mats to ours. Some distributors offer a black dura-mat in an effort to claim lower prices.

Easy to Install

The original construction mats were, of course, wood. This traditional ground coverage weighs many thousands of pounds. It’s designed for the heaviest tasks and the busiest temporary roadways.

By utilizing the most modern materials, scientific methods, and contemporary engineering tools, the Scout Mat weighs 88 pounds, but it has incredible strength.  Also developed as a light duty alternative, the Duradeck mat weighs about 87 pounds.


Either way, it’s much easier to move and place these light duty access mats. That’s a big difference for workers. It only takes two people to move a Scout Mat.  With a special tool from Spartan Mats, a single worker can move a Scout Mat.

As the major distributor of Scout Mat systems, our staff can attest to the fact that this product is easy to move. It’s a big reason a wide range of contractors opt for light duty ground protection mats.

According to the manufacturer websites, a quantity of 510 Scout Mats or Duradeck mats can be moved on a standard US truck. This allows a contractor to cover more ground with less hassle and lower transportation costs.

Our customers range from small firms where 30 mats are enough to large companies where they want a big supply of these mats. They like that layout is quick and easy compared to heavy duty mats. Most of all, they like that these mats can last ten years, providing an incredible return on investment.

Composite Material

Recycled polyethylene is typically used for black matting. Scout Mat favors virgin HD polyethylene (HDPE). The Spartan factory recycles discarded material, maintaining the standard tan color with less environmental impact.

Materials are non-toxic and chemically inactive. Unlike wood products, our high density polyethylene HDPE mats wash easily. This helps users move the mats without causing cross-contamination between construction sites.

Scout Mat engineers developed the specific composite formula to be tough enough to make the 200 PSI rating. They also have ensured that it is static dissipative, reducing the chances of a spark causing fire. Utilizing impact modifiers, the formula ensures that it won’t expand with the heat or contract with the cold.

We invite you to compare the Scout Mat to Duradeck ground protection mats or any other rival.  Our team can help you compare the benefits of heavy duty and light mats, helping you get exactly what you need in the quantity you need for your business or big project.

Additional Considerations

Stainless steel is used for Spartan 2-way and 4-way connectors.  While they are easy to use, they are extremely tough once placed. This helps ensure that the Scout Matting system offers the maximum PSI even at its seams.

Traction nubs are used to create special tread patterns to prevent slipping or spin outs by heavy trucks or equipment using the temporary road. On the other side, a special Scout Mat pattern helps workers and other pedestrians maintain their footing even if the surface has become slippery from rain or marshy conditions.

No matter what your ground conditions are, you will have an easier time if you keep your workers and pedestrians from mud and dirt.

Why Should You Choose Spartan Mat

At Spartan Composites, where Scout Mat is made, their number one job is to create the best mats and matting systems available in North America. Spartan Mat is proud to sell heavy duty System7 and the light duty Scout Mat. 

Before you waste money buying Duradeck mats or any other lightweight matting product, talk to our staff about the benefits of the Scout Mat.  

Our staff and company leadership are proud to have been involved directly in the trades that use mats. We know how vital it is to get the right ground protection for the job. For expert advice, call us, email us or use this contact form. 

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