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With more than 89 locations in the United States and Canada, Spartan Mat keeps delivery costs in check.  A phone call with our experts can secure the tough surface you need for portable roadways and the crane mats you need for your heaviest machinery.

Whether you are a master at long range planning or you haven’t had time to plan ahead, let’s talk. Our staff has 80+ years of combined mat experience, including time spent in the field. We can work with you. Our system allows you to get what you want, when you need it.

As the country’s population spread out and grew, we realized that it wouldn’t do to keep our business in just a few locations. The team saw that transportation delays and related costs weighed down many businesses who needed construction mats and access mats. So we branched out, choosing locations that would be central to the action. It reduces the time spent to fulfill orders for our many customers.

You may be working in a remote area, but we are ready to ship ground protection mats to you quickly. In fact, it could be more affordable since there is sure to be one of our locations in your state or just over the line.  If you run short of ground protection mats, a quick phone call will have more to you in days, not weeks or months.

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How to Reduce Construction Mat Shipping Costs

Your Spartan Mat advisor can tell you more about ways to keep your shipping costs down. Our well-informed team can explain the pros and cons of each style of mat and make recommendations based on your job site requirements and budget needs.

The best way to save is to think strategically. CLT mats, for instance, weigh less than regular hardwood. Composites, such as SYSTEM7™ and SCOUT MAT™,, weigh less than hardwoods and are thinner. Trucks can haul more at once, cutting back transportation fees.

Your project is important to us. Call to get free advice on how many mats and what kind of mats you’ll need.


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