Spartan offers STRUXURE® composite crane mats for sale that will literally last forever! They will never rot. Made of tough resin, they are lighter and stronger than wooden crane mats. If you believe your business purchases should be cost effective, you really can’t do better than these heavy duty composite mats.

How to Evaluate Composite Crane Mats

STRUXURE mats offer to do the same work as wooden crane mats, and they are ready to do it better. When you are comparing composite crane mats to wooden crane mats, you want to look at compression values, transportation costs, and the expected length of use.

Compression values are actually better for these lightweight crane mats compared to hardwood. A 7-inch thick structural composite STRUXURE® mat has greater compression value than a 12-inch hardwood mat.

Think about that. The STRUXURE mat can take more weight and more punishment because it can absorb more than its wooden counterpart. That’s more strength to handle your biggest loads.

STRUXURE® composite crane mats save big money on transportation costs in two ways. First, you can get the same number of lightweight crane mats, and transportation will not be nearly as expensive. Second, you can get more than twice as many composite mats to the truck than wood mats. This means that you can cover more ground in fewer shipments.

If you move mats from site to site, like most companies, your workers will appreciate that these mats can be lifted, stored, and moved with less hassle. It means faster removal and faster replacement without sacrificing quality and capability.

Traditional wood mats last 2-3 years before they rot and replacement is needed. These STRUXURE® composite mats will outlast any wood mat 5+ times over! This means that our lightweight crane mats are a better value than almost any other mat. STUXURE technology is just that good.

Why Choose STRUXURE® Composite Crane Mats

At Spartan Mats, we make the most heavy duty composite mat on the market today. STRUXURE ® and STRUXURE ® SR (Steel Reinforced) crane mats for sale offer extreme strength and resist abrasion very well. Designed for the heaviest of applications in any environment and is considered the replacement mat for any heavy duty 12” wood mat use.

STRUXURE ® and STRUXURE ® SR, hdpe composite crane mats have been replacing heavy timber mat, wood crane mats and wood bridge mats for many years. Although five inches thinner, they have higher compression values than 12-inch wood mats. Plus, they fit more than twice as many per truck, which save immensely over the mat’s life and will never rot! And with STRUXURE ® SR, the mat design values are off the chart compared to wood.

STRUXURE® structural engineered composite crane mats for sale

  • Engineered product made from recycled plastic waste
  • Steel plates can be added for higher strength
  • High performance MatLok hardware
  • Do not lose structural integrity or rot when wet
  • Lighter mats result in more square footage of ground cover per shipment
  • Lower freight costs per lightweight composite mat
  • Estimated 5x or greater the life of hardwood mats
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Does not absorb, retain or release chemicals or liquids
  • Can be recycled again at the end of their useful life
  • Local prompt shipment inventory available for purchase or rental

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