Spartan offer structural STRUXURE® composite crane mats for sale that will literally last forever! They will never rot and are lighter and stronger than wood mats. A 7″ thick structural composite STRUXURE® mat has greater compression value than a 12″ hardwood mat. Also, these STRUXURE® composite crane mats save big money on transportation around the country as you get more than twice as many composite mats to the truck than wood mats. Traditional wood mats last 2-3 years before they rot and replacement is needed. These STRUXURE® composite mats will outlast any wood mat 5+ times over!

We make the most heavy duty composite mat on the market today. STRUXURE ® and STRUXURE ® SR (Steel Reinforced) crane mats for sale offer extreme strength and resist abrasion very well. Designed for the heaviest of applications in any environment and is considered the replacement mat for any heavy duty 12” wood mat use. STRUXURE ® and STRUXURE ® SR, hdpe composite crane mats have been replacing heavy timber mat and wood crane mats and bridge mats for many years. At 7″ thick they have higher compression values than 12″ wood mats and they fit more than twice as many per truck, which save immensely over the mat’s life and will never rot! And with STRUXURE ® SR, the mat design values are off the chart compared to wood!

STRUXURE® structural engineered composite crane mats for sale
Engineered product made from recycled plastic waste, (steel plates can be added for higher strength), and high performance MatLok hardware
Do not lose structural integrity or rot when wet
Lighter mats result in more square footage of ground cover per shipment and lower freight costs per mat
Estimated 5x or greater the life of hardwood mats
Resistant to sale and most chemicals
Does not absorb, retain or release chemicals or liquids
Can be recycled again at the end of their useful life
Local prompt shipment inventory available for purchase or rental

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