Crane Mats

Wooden Crane Mats for Equipment Support

Spartan Mat offers the best hardwood crane mats for your construction needs. Use these outstanding wooden crane mats to create a solid, secure base for supporting cranes, dozers, and other heavy construction equipment. Hardwood crane mats are also ideal for use in bridging streams or ditches and crossing uneven and rugged terrain.

Hardwood Crane Mats Protect Equipment, Workers, and the Environment

  • Our hardwood crane mats are up to 12″ thick.
  • Each wooden crane mat is made from oak or a mix of strong hardwoods.
  • These crane mats are made to a density that not only endures adverse weather but can handle massive pressure without
  • breaking or flexing down into the ground below.
  • These wooden crane mats withstand tracked and wheeled equipment and provide a stable work surface over marshes, mud, sand, wetlands, and ice.
  • You can use our hardwood crane mats to allow transport over buried utilities and pipelines that won’t cause damage.

Why are Spartan Hardwood Crane Mats so Tough?

Spartan Mat always end-coats our hardwood crane mats, oak bog mats, bridge mats, and excavator mats. This rot protection helps prevent splitting and other decay. The treatment provides a stronger, longer-lasting mat that customers can count on. That’s the Spartan way!

Spartan Crane Mats for Sale

If you want the best crane mats, you can save and still get the high-value product you expect. Wooden crane mats help you get more work done in less time. You won’t have to worry about mud, sand, or any other ground condition.

Wooden Crane Mat Rental

Recognizing that many businesses don’t need to own crane mats, we provide wooden crane mat rental. This can save you money and still provide the mat protection you need.

Other Hardwood Crane Mat Services

  • Whether you want crane mats for sale or you prefer crane mat rental, we offer additional services to assist our customers:
  • We not only install crane mats at your project site, when the job ends we will pick up the mats we’re buying back.
  • We can also sort and grade all of your mats, whether we sold them to you or not, and clean them to ensure trouble-free transport across borders.
  • For your convenience when you find yourself in need of more crane mats on the job, we send a monthly email detailing the mat inventory near your project.

Hardwood Crane Mat Sizes

Most hardwood crane mats, bridge mats, and crane mats for sale are 8″–12″ thick and come in 4′ or 5′ widths. Crane mats for rent or sale can be as short or long as you like. Standard lengths tend to be 16′, 20′, 24′, 26, 28′, 30′ and 40′.

Contact Us

Spartan Mat, we will do whatever it takes to ensure your needs are met. Choose us for new or used wooden crane mats for sale or rent. When your job is done, we will buy back your used mats, even if you bought them from someone else.

If you’re curious about hardwood crane mats prices, call us today for a quote at 503-550-8761, or email for more details.