Truck Mats, Swamp Mats & More

Laminated crane mats are also called laminated truck mats, swamp mats, grid mats, waffle mats, three-ply mats, and board road mats. Laminated truck mats are the most cost effective mat based on square footage.

A large majority of Spartan Mat’s laminated mats go on trucks to drill sites and also mats on rail cars into Canada to serve the oil sands and transmission line projects in Alberta and other Canadian provinces.

Most temporary roads and access roads including logging roads, pipeline roads, and transmission line roads will use these starter mats or wood mats for this application.

Benefits of Laminated Truck Mats

  • Ideal for lighter loads, such as trucks and other rubber-tire vehicles
  • Useful for creating staging areas and road turnouts
  • Creates better project site stability in wet weather
  • Leaves a minimal mark on the environment, whether wetlands, permafrost, or sand



How are Laminated Mats Made?

Spartan Mat swamp mats and laminated mats are constructed of hardwood, though some in our buyback inventory are constructed from bamboo. Laminated mats are typically made with two or three layers and assembled with nails or bolts. These mats are available with or without lifting chains or cables. Laminated mats are usually made from 2×8 timbers and are 4″–6″ thick, 8′ wide, and come in lengths from 12’–16′. Custom sizes are available.

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