Pipeline Skids That Don’t Quit

Pipeline skids are necessary for any construction crew building a pipeline. Not only do pipe skids allow you to crib, elevate, and rack pipes, they also allow heavy equipment and workers to operate safely on rugged or wet terrain. Pipe skids are also well known for helping reduce the environmental impact of heavy machinery.

Pipe skids are also useful in a number of other areas:

  • Movie sets
  • Hydraulic shoring
  • Anywhere you need to operate heavy equipment

If you are looking for the best quality skids, however, you’ll want a pipe skid made from composite material.

Composite Skids: Durable and Effective

Spartan Mat offers composite pipeline skids that are lightweight and incredibly durable. In addition, composite skids are environmentally inert, meaning that our skids won’t pick up any foreign material from the environment. This, in turn, reduces the environmental impact of crews and makes washing skids after use easy.

Composite mats never rot, unlike wood pipe skids, and they come with a 50-year warranty! You can easily stack over 1,700 skids per truck as opposed to wood skids, where you might get away with roughly 1,100.  

Spartan Mat cuts pipe skids and stocks over 30,000-75,000 new and used skids at any time in the USA. We also provide a wide variety of construction mats, including:

  • Oak mats
  • Composite mats
  • Bridge mats
  • Digging mats
  • Construction mats
  • Dragline mats
  • Other ground solution mats

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