Hardwood Pipeline Skids & Composite Pipeline Skids

Poorly supported pipe strings are dangerous and could cause serious injury or fatalities. That’s why pipeline skids are necessary for any construction crew, including those in the pipeline industry.

Here are just a few things pipe skids can do:

  • Enable the cribbing, elevating, and racking of pipes.
  • Allow heavy equipment and workers to operate safely on rugged or wet terrain.
  • Support mobile offices.
  • Create bridges over streams or unstable ground.
  • Help with hydraulic shoring the sidewalls of a trench.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of heavy machinery.

So whether you’re working in the industries of pipeline and underground, transmission and distribution utilities, drilling and oilfield, highway and infrastructure, marine and barge, mining and metals, or nuclear and large plants, your workflow can be kept moving and will remain safe with pipeline skid and construction mat products from Spartan Mat.

Hardwood Pipeline Skids

Oak hardwood pipeline skids are known for withstanding massive, repetitive pressure from heavy equipment onsite without flexing, bending, or breaking. Plus, with each end of the skid being coated, rotting and splitting simply don’t happen.

Spartan Mat’s hardwood pipeline skids come in a variety of lengths, widths, and thicknesses so you are sure to get exactly what you need for the job, even if the pipelines need long-term support.

Composite Pipeline Skids

If you are looking for the most effective and durable pipe skids, you’ll want them made from composite material. These pipeline skids will last for many, many years and they come with a 50-year warranty!

They are also environmentally inert, so they won’t pick up any foreign material from the environment. This reduces the environmental impact of crews and makes washing skids after use very quick and easy.

Composite pipe skids are lightweight, meaning you can easily stack over 1,700 skids per truck (approximately 600 more than with wood skids). This cuts down on freight costs significantly!

Another advantage of composite skids over wooden skids, outside of the fact that they never rot, is that they include a safety factor. There is often no warning if wooden skids are at risk of breaking. Composite skids will bow out, showing a sign of being overburdened.

Construction Skids from Spartan Mat

With a stock of 30,00-75,000 new and used pipe skids across the U.S. and Canada, Spartan Mat has you covered. We cut our own hardwood and composite skids so we can personally guarantee their high quality.

In addition to pipeline skids, we also provide a wide variety of other types of construction mats, including used mats and mat rentals. If you don’t know exactly which product suits your project best, or if you are unsure how much square footage you require, don’t stress the details, leave it up to the experts with 80+ years of experience to help you out. We’ve earned our customers’ respect with our high-quality products and prompt service.

For more information on purchasing or renting construction mats for your next big project (or to sell us back your used mats), contact Spartan Mat today!