When you need an extra-strong platform or access road, the solution is oil drilling rig mats. These mats combine the natural hardiness of timber with the steel I-beams. The result is a mat that can handle difficult jobs at oil and gas drilling sites.

Which Jobs Require Oil Drilling Rig Mats?

Whenever you choose one of our wooden mats, your company is getting dense, durable hardwood timber that can handle heavy use. However, there are times that more support is a must. For this, steel I-beams are added during mat construction. Our gas and oil drilling rig mats are ready to handle the toughest work.

Energy sector contractors often use extremely large drills. What’s more, these drills are left in place far longer than heavy equipment used for construction. As a result, gas and oil drilling rig mats need to hold their shape and strength much longer.

Likewise, if your project is sending heavy trucks and equipment into an ecologically sensitive site, the need for safe access will dictate a higher level of mat. This is especially true if your work trucks are coming and going many times a day. You can’t risk damaged mats and reduced access. You need the toughest possible mat from day one.

In addition to land use, these gas and oil drilling rig mats are a good platform for the marine construction industry. Large equipment, such as cranes, need a firm foundation. A steel rig mat platform absorbs the shock and weight, reducing the wear and tear on the supporting barge.

How are Drilling Rig Mats Made?

Like our other hardwood mats, rig mats start with better lumber. A rigid steel frame is included during the construction process. This results in the best mats for the most punishing uses. Steel rig mats can be used to:

Provide a safe platform for machinery and work crews
Create roads for heavy trucks and other equipment
Span areas with soft, uneven ground
Protect ecosystems

Should You Purchase or Rent Steel Drilling Rig Mats?

Recognizing that different companies and different projects require individualized approaches, Spartan Mats offers rig mats for rental or purchase. These can be brand new or used. We also offer buy back.

Many people who consider using steel rig mats often switch to composite mats such as mega deck mat, dura base mat, and STRUXURE® mat because these mats will never rot and still offer high compression values and toughness.

Whether your goal is rental or purchase, Spartan Mats has the supplies you need. Our numerous locations across the country help make our delivery services both quick and cost effective.

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