At Spartan Mat, experienced industry professionals provide strong, lasting-construction Composite Mats for use in a wide range of industries and applications. Composite Mats are strong and durable, and designed to protect the ground even in areas with unstable weather, harsh climate changes, or difficult soil types and conditions. Our Composite Construction Mats won’t rot and they are inert, plus you get so many more per truck that freight savings over the life of each mat is immense.

Spartan offers large composite mats for rent or purchase, such as:

What is the Advantage to Composite Construction Mats?

Composite mats are a good solution for any project in any area, but are often used in gas and oilfields and drilling projects, because they offer outstanding protection for the ground from chemical spills. These mats are excellent when working in ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, or when working on coastal sand, marshy and muddy surfaces, and more.

Constructed solid or hollow, composite mats are made with steel bolts. Use of these mats eliminates common problems found with timber mats, such as rot, insect infestation, warping, and board breakage, lasting far longer than the best wood mats. Composite mats do not absorb liquid, so they stay strong and solid in the wettest weather. The surfaces are patterned for protection against slips and improved traction for both workers and equipment, and the composite material is non-conductive to avoid problems with static electricity.

While composite mats are lightweight and easy to transport and place, they still withstand enormous weight. Our different brands offer their own advantages:

SYSTEM7™: Interlocking Composite Mat System

Spartan Composites, LLC is the proud manufacturer of SYSTEM7™, the best overlapping and interlocking composite matting system produced today.

SYSTEM7™ composite mats are engineered ground up with the end-user in mind. The result? A Spartan mat, built for strength, performance, and longevity.

SYSTEM7™ Information:

  • Shipping size: 4.25” x 8’ x 14’
  • Usable size: 4.25” x 7’ x 13’ (after overlapping and interlocking)
  • Connectivity: SYSTEM7™ connects with other composite mats on the market.
  • Buoyancy: SYSTEM7™ has a buoyancy for those tough applications.
  • Customization: Spartan Composites can customize your SYSTEM7™ mats for color, logos, tread patterns and more.
  • Tracking: GPS or RFID options available for tracking your SYSTEM7™ mat fleet.
  • Weight: 840 lbs per mat.
  • Transportation: SYSTEM7™ mats are designed with freight savings in mind. More mats per truck translates to more savings on freight costs.
  • P.S.I.: An industry high, boasting 650 pounds per square inch.

Download the SYSTEM7™ Brochure

Struxure ®

We make the most heavy duty composite mat on the market today. STRUXURE ® and STRUXURE ® SR (Steel Reinforced) crane mats offer extreme strength and resist abrasion very well. Designed for the heaviest of applications in any environment and is considered the replacement mat for any heavy duty 12” wood mat use.

STRUXURE ® and STRUXURE ® SR, hdpe composite crane mats have been replacing heavy timber mat and wood crane mats and bridge mats for many years. At 7″ thick they have higher compression values than 12″ wood mats and they fit more than twice as many per truck, which save immensely over the mat’s life and will never rot! And with STRUXURE ® SR, the mat design values are off the chart compared to wood!

Download the STRUXURE ® Brochure

Advance MatTM

High performance composite interlocking mat called Advance Mat™. They are the best price per square foot for ALL large composite mats on the market.

We get 6,799 of usable square feet per truckload (after they are interlocked) of Advance Mat ™. That’s almost more than twice as many as other competitors, which is massive freight savings over the life of the mat! When two sections are connected together on site to make the mats 10.16′ (L) x 13.94′ (W) x 2.5″ (D), in normal black or beige colors. We get 48 mats per truck or 96 mats per truck before you connect each section. The hardware locking pins is just an easy and simple stainless steel bolt, so the bolt cost is virtually nothing to replace and means no expensive locking pins to buy or replace. Any hardware on the mat, which is very minimal, is all stainless steel.


  • Design incorporates a dual profile surface with one side being a pedestrian and roadway surface with the other side being a more-high-traction surface for all wheeled and tracked vehicles.
  • Design incorporates the two-sided connection flange allowing the mats to be connected two different ways. Two mats connected together create a usable square footage surface size of 141.66 sq’.
  • Useable platform surface size of two mats connected together is 10.16′ (L) x 13.94′ (W) x 2.5″ (D), and 840 lbs total.
  • Manufacturing production capability of roughly 28,000 mats per year.
  • Ability to encase an RFID chip inside each mat for tracking and inventory control.
  • New Stainless Steel Connector designed to reduce cost, minimize the number connector parts, parts stay with the mats reducing the risk of lost connector parts, single stainless steel bolt for simplified connecting, ease of installation/connecting alignment from new designed “Floating Nut Plate” connector. Mats can be manufactured in any color you’d like.


Advance Mat™ each mat weighs 420 lbs before they are interlocked (128”x87”x2.5” before interlocked). The usable area, once mats are connected together, is 10.16′ (L) x 13.94′ (W) x 2.5″ (D), and is 840 lbs total (the largest on the market). Puncture resistance > 5,100 PSI (the best on the market). Weight loading capacity, < 850 psi (the best on the market). Flammability Resistance: UL-94 HB. Advance Mat ™ comes in black or beige or custom colors.


Scout Mat® / SpartaLite®:

A lighter composite mat for many applications and a unique solution for many jobs. At 1/2″ thick X 4′ x 8′ and 80 pounds each, these Scout Mat® / SpartaLite® composite mats are versatile, functional and effective in many applications. They also connect and lock together (550 mats per truck).

Download the Scout Mat® Brochure



A field proven and extremely effective interlocking mat system. It can be used for any application that requires access in any environment and provides stabilization for heavy equipment or ground ground protection. These mats interlock/connect together and are 102mmx2000mmx4000 mm (380kb per mat/838 lbs per mat with 57 mats per truck). This is an improved mat from the DURA-BASE® Mat.

Download the ROGUE MAT Brochure

MegaDeck Mat®

Designed to handle the rigors of the roughest jobs and the toughest terrain. These 4.25″x7′-6″x14′ composite mats are made of a scientifically formulated and tested blend of high density polyethylene (HDPE), proprietary nano-clay fillers, and special anti-static additives. MegaDeck interlocking mats provide a strong, stable surface for the heaviest equipment and easy access to remote locations or sensitive environments (40 mats per truck).

Download the MegaDeck Mat® Brochure


STRONG MAT provides an extremely strong and tough, field proven and protective surface that can be used for any application that requires access in special environments, stabilization for heavy equipment or simple ground protection. They are engineered for performance and strength.

The STRONG MAT with their interlocking design distributes weight across a large surface area while reaming stable and strong through any environment and weather conditions. They also boast the best warranty in the business at 1 year! STRONG MAT is 4″x7’-6”x14.25’ and at 52 mats per truck, they provide the biggest freight savings over all other large composite mats. They also boast the highest puncture and PSI rating!

Perhaps the best part of the STRONG MAT is they have a patented solid filled HDPE closed cell foam for the interior of the mat, which means the STRONG MAT does not get heavier over time like all other interlocking composite mats do. This also helps prevent the mat from swelling and contracting when water trapped inside other mats freezes and expands and ruins or crack mats from the inside out. STRONG MAT is the best mat on the market, bar none.

Download the STRONG MAT Brochure

Outrigger Pads

We make/offer UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) composite outrigger pads and offer them in nearly any conceivable size. With high load ratings and no rot properties, our pads come with a standard lifetime warranty!

Download the Outrigger Pads Brochure

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