STRUXURE® Composite Mats for Sale

If you’re looking for heavy-duty composite mats for sale to bear the weight of heavy equipment on your construction site or for an access road, Struxure® mats are what you want and Spartan Mat can provide them.

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Struxure® composite construction mats are engineered using Spartan Mat’s patented Recycled Structural Composite (RSC) formula. Produced from 100% recycled material, these mats keep plastic waste from landfills and because they do not leach or contain toxic materials, they are an excellent choice for environmentally sensitive areas.

Struxure® mats:

  • Are extremely strong and durable
  • Are ideal in wet or harsh-temperature environments
  • Will not gain weight, warp, or lose strength when wet
  • Are resistant to abrasion and tread-wear
  • Are impervious to moisture, rot, fungus, and insects
  • Yield consistent, reliable performance
  • Are a cost-effective, long-term solution

Struxure® SR

Spartan Mat’s Struxure® SR (Steel Reinforced) heavy-duty mats are made from structural polymer composites (SPC) which, when combined with A36 reinforced steel or ¼” or ½” steel flitch plates and MatLok® hardware systems, create more rigidity. This allows them to support more load than traditional 12” hardwood lumber mats. They are excellent for using under heavy equipment in wet or challenging project site conditions.

Struxure® SR mats:

  • Offer higher compression strength values than hardwood mats
  • Are durable in extremely wet, harsh outdoor conditions
  • Are impervious to moisture, rot, fungus, and insects
  • Are safe to use in environmentally sensitive sites
  • Contain no toxic materials, will not release chemicals, and will not absorb chemicals
  • Are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable
  • Come in 7” or 9” thickness and up to 24’ in length

To get more information about Struxure® and Struxure® SR composite mats for sale or rent, request a quote or contact Spartan Mats today!