Need Ground Mats for Heavy Equipment? No Problem!

Heavy Equipment Construction Mats

Heavy equipment construction mats are the perfect solution to many on-site issues for protecting your workers, your equipment, and the environment.

Here are just some of the reasons why you might need heavy equipment construction mats:

  • To stabilize and distribute extreme loads from bulldozers, trenchers, loaders, dump trucks, pile boring/driving machines, cranes, oversized excavators, and oil and gas drilling equipment.
  • For easy work-site access, better traction in wet weather, and temporary bridging or crossings.
  • To keep heavy equipment clean, in good working order, and easily accessible.
  • To keep workers safe from slipping or tripping in wet or muddy conditions.
  • To prevent water from interfering with construction activities.
  • To protect sensitive environmental areas such as wetlands or permafrost from rutting erosion gullies and water channeling under heavy flows while you’re working.
  • For easy cleanup from mud, chemicals, and oil spills.

For any environment and every condition, you’ll always find a reason to use ground mats for heavy equipment.

What to Look for in Heavy Equipment Construction Mats

When looking to buy or rent heavy equipment construction mats, you want to make sure you get a mat product that can withstand every scenario you throw at it.

Here are a few features of good construction mats:

  • Variable Sizes: You may need different lengths, widths, and depths depending on your specific site and equipment.
  • Different Materials: You’ll want the choice of hardwood timber, laminated, or composite mat materials depending on your job.
  • Easily Transportable: Mats should be lightweight enough to move around over and over again from site to site.
  • Interlocking: You may want mats that connect together completely, eliminating tripping hazards.
  • Durable: Mats should be built to withstand long-term repeated pressure from heavy equipment.
  • Quickly Cleaned: Mats get dirty from mud, oil, and other chemicals so it’s helpful if they clean up easily.
  • Special Additives: Good mats have special additives that are rot- and UV-resistant.
  • Anti-Static: You don’t want mats that build up static and cause safety concerns.
  • Cost-Effective: Mats that can be used for many years are more cost-effective than one-time use mats.

If you’re not sure exactly what type of heavy equipment floor mat you need for your specific site and piece of equipment or don’t know how much square footage you require, no need to stress about it. The experts at Spartan Mat can help you get just what you need at a price that won’t bust your budget.

How to Get Heavy Equipment Construction Mats

Are you in the market to buy heavy-duty mats so you always have them on hand for future jobs, or are you more interested in a one-time rental? Do you want brand new mats or would you rather save money and get used mats? Whatever your construction mat needs, we can get you the exact thing you need to get the job done.

No matter where your job site is located, you can get heavy equipment floor mats delivered (or picked up) from one of our 89 locations across the US and Canada. This means you can get them promptly and save a lot of money on shipping fees.

If you’re in the market for strong, long-lasting ground mats for heavy equipment on your job site, contact Spartan Mat today!

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